Water is Returning to my World… And Will Never Leave Again

A great rain storm has finally come to Northern California. The drought is really over. Those past 3 years or so of very little rain are coming to an abrupt end. This means that our world is going to survive. Dying worlds do not have water. But Earth has always had plenty of water. Other worlds died because they became way too negative and the cycle of negativity was not released and purged in any way. That is not happening here. That old cycle of no rain is over and will not reoccur…I know this because I am here, but scientists will never acknowledge me.. I do not care about them. I have lived in both worlds and I see the nonsense they spew out… It is comical to me. I am real, they are spiritual. It is that simple.

I have purged out so much of that negative weather set up that it is not strong enough to make any  difference now. It is still around me a little but it is all going out onto the universe too. I wish it was over. I want it to be all done. This constant purging is annoying but necessary. It stopped me from working in my old profession (nursing). It has stopped me from working in other jobs too. I purge out those toxic work set ups and end up back at home. I guess that means that life will go on and on.. Without someone purging this energy, life will eventually end completely as it has on other planets and in other  times. Why hasn’t a Healer done this before? I do not know. I still do not hear about this purging phenomenon happening anywhere or in any recorded history…Do you know why?

The answer is well hidden. But regardless, I blog to tell my story. It is my personal healing story. It is not a spiritual story. It is a universal story…. I am universally connected. I am not spiritual. I cannot stop my purging. It is not based on any ritualistic behavior. I am purging as I am typing right now… That is the difference between me and spiritual healers who tend to use rituals. My healing is ongoing all the time!

The water returning is proof that life continues. I will continue to purge all this energy as much as I can and as fast as possible. Healer’s Blog continues into this new year… Thank Goodness!