Purging Spiritual Energy is a Powerful Ability

I am unique. This ability that I have is not talked about anywhere else but here on my blog. I do not hear about other people saying they are purging spiritual energy. This means that the time has come for a total change in the history of mankind. Never before has a Healer done what I am doing… I am simply changing everything by removing this spiritual layer. It is like a genesis of sorts, a rebirth. A new way to live free. A new way to create. A new way to move on in life and not be afraid of anything…When spiritual energy is removed from your world, you can live.

It is the most powerful natural ability a human can have.

And so as the final days of this worthless year go by, I sit at home and relax and know that I am real and powerful. I am not worried or ashamed or frightened. I am just being me for the first time in my life. I am being real…No bad people are controlling me. No bad people are around me at all. Their energies are all purged away from me. They are frightened and insecure, not me…. It is the way of their world now for those bad people. They will always feel bad until they die…

Purging spiritual energy into the universe is the most important phenomenon there is and yet it is not discussed openly anywhere but here….. Get this reality only from my blog…





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