Last Night It Rained! Monsoon Balancing..

I wrote this post over 3 years ago. The same thing happened today. Its raining again and this thunderstorm was not forecasted. It just appeared out of thin air. More proof of the balancing of the waters here on our planet. War ends and water returns. That’s what happens during Universe Time.

July 9, 2018

This was not even on our weather forecast! We experienced a sudden violent thunderstorm last night. It rained. The electricity was off for awhile. No matter, it rained! But, no forecast. Seems that these rains are not going to be in the forecast. But they are still happening anyway.

I want to see more rain here in Yuma. It was so quiet last night when all of the electrical stuff was off. Dark and quiet. Nice. But as promised by APS, all electricity was back on this morning as usual. The electrical noise returned.

I am happy that it rained. This could be the start of a balancing of nature. There are predicted weather forecasts of course. You can look up what the weather is going to be months from now. But that forecast is probably not going to happen. Again, this storm was not predicted in the weather forecast for Yuma last night.

Now it is Monsoon season here in Yuma. So the fact that it rained heavily for a while is normal. That is what should be happening here in Yuma this time of year. I live in the Sonoran Desert, one of the most tropical of all deserts. Therefore, we need rain. This imbalance is being corrected because of Universe Family Healing.

The spiritual energies are purging and merging with the Universe and allowing a natural weather balance to return. Water will be available everywhere it needs to be and not where it is dangerous to human life. The ice caps are melting as well. There is an abundance of water on our living planet enough for all of us wherever we live.

The spirits in their enmeshed negative world tried to make our water supply totally unbalanced and in their control. But that is stopping now. The spirits are only purging. They have no control over our weather patterns or our life-giving water supply. Thank Goodness! Universe Time means that the spirits are not in control of anything. They are only purging now. They were in control of our world for a very long time because there were no real Universe Family Healers purging them away like I do.

I will always be here to serve our living world and purge spirits away from human beings everywhere on this planet. Spirits will not be able to make our lives unsafe and tragic anymore.

And yes the rescue operation is going on very well in Thailand for those people stranded and that is because real humans are in control of the operation and doing it the safest way possible. Universe Family Healing helped this to be the only possible solution. Weather problems were diverted and avoided more flooding tragedy. Expert professionals in the field of diving were the ones to save the entrapped from drowning.

New Year Purge

At the beginning of each year there is a time of intense purging. That time is occurring right now. I do not allow any negative activities going on to continue. So many activities are controlled by spirits. I am not one to be controlled by any spiritual games. I understand completely now what is happening. I simply gain control and the negative setups end. I do this now to ensure that the new year is going the right way for all of my family members. I am sure that nothing bad is happening right now because I am in control.

The beginning of each year is still made up of spiritual setups to some degree. But nowadays I am able to get rid of those very easily. I make sure I am doing the right thing. It is easy because of Universe Time. There is a powerful Universe Time in control of our world now. Most people are not aware of it. Only very few humans know about Universe Time. It does not matter because Universe Time does not need everyone knowing that it exists. Universe Time is still in control without thousands or millions of people aware of it existence. Spiritual time is over.

This is important because the healing can still happen without everyone in total agreement. Only a spiritual world needs people who follow everyone. The spirits need that constant interaction and connection with other negative beings. I am not one of those. I am a Universe being and need no followers. In fact, I do not allow followers on my blog. Be aware, because if you follow me I will delete you right away.

I make sure that other negative people have no control over me. A domestic problem was occurring here in my apartment building and I made sure the police came to break it up. I was truthful with those people involved and said I would call the police again if it re-occurred. I am not one to allow negative activities around my home. I make sure I am doing what I have to do and remain in control.

And so the new year begins the right way with all bills paid and goals in mind. I have no debt. I have no legal problems hanging over home. I don’t care about new years resolutions. That is a spiritual setup and very often fades away. I am a Universe being and I go with the flow. My goals are very real and attainable now. I am in my homeland so nothing bad can ever happen to me or my family.

As a Universe being and Universe Family Healer, I am actively purging all spiritual entities around me. They arrive here in my home and I purge them on the Universe. I do not accept anything negative. I will do whatever is necessary to continue to purge our world of the negative spirituality that has consumed us for the ages.

I am available to provide Universe Family Healing sessions. I charge a nominal fee of $50.00 per healing session. Payment is expected before we interact, through PayPal invoice. I look forward to hearing from more good people as we all continue moving forward in our healing.



Can the Long Wait Be Over Finally?

Well, today was a very good day. I made soup. I did my laundry. It rained! But the best part of the day was when I received a phone call to set up an interview for a very good state job. I have been waiting months for this to happen. I know that things happen at the right time on the Universe, and today proved this to me again. I am finally going to be re-employed soon. I just know it. As I become reemployed I will not stop offering Universe Family Healing sessions. I will just do that by appointment only when I am home. It will work out so well for me. I know that I can do both quite easily now. Both are very important.

My interview is on October 22. I am looking forward to that day. I know other things are happening right now because every time my financial status improves it makes things change elsewhere too. That is how Universe Family Healing works. The layers of negative energy continually release onto the Universe.  There is no end to purging. I am very sure of that. Purging always continues. There is no “last day of purging”. I was once told that by the spirits but it never happened! I always continued to purge and merge the spirits.

So, I have a good interview day coming up on a 22 day. I know this means all is well and nothing bad will happen ever to me again, because I was able to return to Yuma, AZ, my homeland. Here I can continue to move forward and do exactly what I am supposed to do, just being me.




September Ends Soon and I am Ready for What Happens Next

I am so happy to see the end of this month! Tomorrow I will finally complete and submit my last unemployment claim forever. This is very significant to finally purge out unemployment setups. I have had a few of them and this is the last one. It is also significant because it involved a school job so everything spiritually that has been attached to schools is over too.  My home that I owned in Novato, CA was attached to the school setup. That is over. My youngest son is out of Hamilton ( a part of Novato) and we are severing all ties with those Hamilton people.

It is really amazing for me. I have to understand the power this is giving me now. I finally did it! I got rid of the school set up and school people. I have achieved what I never thought I could: total freedom and financial independence. I had to be able to live through all of those times in CA in order to return to my homeland and live here again. Here in my homeland, I am very safe and nothing can happen to me and my family. We are so stable and safe now. This is because I have purged out the California Dream which was trying to keep me there and cause my demise.

One more day and then its over. October brings change. There will be remnants of Hurricane Rosa here in Yuma. There will be rain again. We have waited for a very long time to have our rain return. Now it is coming back. I am open to allowing more people to know who I am and what I can do. The Universe is allowing this to happen now. October is a perfect time for me to talk openly in my hometown about my healing abilities. It happens automatically.

I know this is just the beginning of a fun and everlasting good time. We will forget all about the old days of spirits and spirituality. The spiritual age for us is very much ending.  Our Universe’s magnetic current easily purges and merges these spiritual entities and moves them to other places far away from humans. These spiritual entities will never be here again.

Our Universe is alive and working with Universe Family Healers to provide a living world here on planet Earth. The bad people get caught and dealt with. The good people have control. That is how things are now. It won’t ever change.



August 15, 2018: Final Spirit Purge = Rain in Yuma

The last time it rained here was July 8, 2018. This is monsoon season and we should be having a lot of rainy weather. However, Yuma, AZ has been in a drought for several years. That is finally changing. Spirit setups that have controlled weather patterns here are purged.

Today is the last day these setups are here in any form. Spirit setups are officially over and cannot renew. Once purged, these spirits are immediately merged with our Universe’s magnetic energy field thus ending their control. This is the only way to get rid of spirits. It is real, powerful, and permanent.

I had to live through 3 summers here in Yuma AZ to do this. I have had to do this without any help. I did this on my own. I did not ask for assistance. I have had to be all by myself during this time in order to purge out the remaining setups on me.  Now as we move forward into the remaining part of August, my family’s final 7 year name change anniversary is coming up.

On August 22, 2018, one of my sons will be celebrating his 7 year name change anniversary. He is definitely feeling the positive effects of this and everyday it will be more and more real for him. Universe Family Healing is in full control everywhere. All family members are feeling the immense relief that we have finally reached this day!

The rain returned today. The clouds are still all around me here in Yuma. It is beautiful. I know that this is going to be happening more and more just as it should be happening. We are no longer going to have a drought. The rains will simply be here as normal. The water is being returned here.

I had to do something about it. We must have water here in Yuma. We must water our crops safely and carefully. We must not have to stop watering for any reason. The watering of plants will never be stopped again. Normalcy is returning to Yuma, AZ, my homeland.

Happy Universe Time to All!



Monsoon: Imbalance of the Waters

Since arriving back in Yuma, AZ (my homeland) I have heard about the Monsoon Season. At first I paid little attention to this as I made my way from one negative setup to another. I have finally been able to stop and relax a little bit at my current location. It is summertime here in Yuma and very warm. I like the weather. There are breezes blowing throughout the day and night. It is beautiful.

However, I am wondering why we are not getting the rain during our Monsoon season. Apparently Yuma has been in a drought for several years! So we have this monsoon season, with warmer temps and winds, but no rain. Now a tropical desert without rain is not much fun.

And then across the planet in other parts of the world, I see Monsoon season with too much rain. I am talking about places like Thailand where there is a serious situation going on right now involving young people and a coach trapped in a flooded cave. I see that their monsoon season is heavy with rain. And they are trying to get control of this bad situation as quickly as possible. I am hoping that my healing can help in some ways. I am always purging out spirit energies from everywhere and perhaps this purging will help hold back on that heavy rainfall until they can free those entrapped people.

And perhaps, purging spiritual energy into the atmosphere here in Yuma AZ will cause a positive change in our local weather. I would like to see more rain, steady but not overwhelming. I would like it to be balanced. More rain here, less other places. I know this sounds kind of strange, but I do believe that is what happens during Universe Time. When I purge, I hear the energies being pulled toward the southeast right toward that part of Asia. It is very clear the direction of the Universe’s energy field.

There has never been any studies about what spiritual energy purging does to our atmosphere and weather conditions. All I know is that when I am hot here in Yuma, I simply lay down and soon the breezes find me and I cool off. I never use air conditioning My windows are always open even at night.  I want to see more people around here doing the same things I do. I want less air conditioner noise. It is annoying to hear all that electrical noise on a beautiful summer evening when the breezes are blowing.

I am looking to the southeast and that is where the energy is going. That is where I hear the spirit noises. It does not return here. Spirits are taken far away from our planet and into the vast reaches of our Universe. Perhaps they are recycled in some way. They are made of some very magnetic minerals. The noise of the spirits is lessening all of the time. There will be balance restored to our planet everywhere as a result of this purging and merging process.

Our Universe is simply working normally now. Even though no scientists are talking about it, I do. I have become a scientist of sort. I do have a Master’s of Science degree in Parent Child Nursing. I document my experiences here on my blog. I see the progress and I share with anyone who is interested. There will always be something new and interesting here to write about.

A book could never do this and would always be out of date. Only by blogging has this experience of world healing been documented and made real day after day. Please share my blog with anyone who you feel would be interested. I encourage all of us to become aware of our healing planet.


Returning Water to Our Planet

I have blogged in the past about the waters returning to our planet Earth. This is definitely happening now. Not only are the great ice continents melting, there will be water everywhere from deep beneath our surface returning to the lakes and rivers. The water returns because spirits are no longer in control of it. There was a time when the spirits were able to totally change our world. And, there was a time when there were no polar ice caps. But as the spirit load increased on our planet, the ice caps became real and dangerous. The ice caps have allowed spiritual energy to proliferate unchecked and uncontrolled.

There was apparently a well-developed civilization that lived under the areas of the ice caps. As time goes on, this information will become commonly known and people everywhere will be fascinated by the information that is stored there. The fears and anxieties surrounding this will fade out. There is no tragedy here. It is simply our world returning to its normal state. And there will finally be an acceptance that this is the only way our world can continue to live.

So I am happy to read that the ice continues to melt and return to where it is supposed to be. I continue to read about the changes going on. But I never see anything mentioned about spiritual energy being involved in this whole thing. I only blog here as I know what is really happening. The scientists continue to ignore spiritual energy as the etiology of anything. Scientists will not be able to continue in the future.  All they do now is observe. They do not understand the powers of the Universe or what is really going on during Universe Time. But I do and I blog here to keep an accounting of the events as they happen before my very eyes. I am not going to stop blogging here. I will continue to update as I see things happening. It is a fascinating time in our history.

Universe Family Healing is helping our world  heal and purge spirits into the Universe. This will allow all waters to return to their original location and stay put. Life continues on our planet because of the purging activities in Universe Family Healing. It is the only way our planet survives.




Rain Came Today

Feels so good to have rain. It does not rain much here in Yuma. But it is raining right now. The waters are returning to our planet. There is nothing to stop it now. Water will be everywhere it needs to be. Spiritual controls have made our planet in an unbalanced unnatural state, not conducive for life.

But now those spiritual barriers are going away on the Universe.

Water will return from deep within our planet to make sure life continues.

This balancing is a direct result of Universe Family Healing. As spiritual energy is consumed into our Universe, a real transformation occurs in our atmosphere and this includes weather patterns.

Scientists will not accept this phenomenon because they are very spiritual in nature and never discuss the Universe as I do. This natural phenomenon does not need approval by anyone. Life on the planet Earth continues to improve without any intervention by scientists.

I continue to serve our planet by purging and merging spiritual energy into our Universe. This activity does not stop and requires no testing or measuring to be effective. My Permanent Parasite Purging Program (PPPP) is always on and never will end. That is our assurance that life continues.


Water is Returning to my World… And Will Never Leave Again

A great rain storm has finally come to Northern California. The drought is really over. Those past 3 years or so of very little rain are coming to an abrupt end. This means that our world is going to survive. Dying worlds do not have water. But Earth has always had plenty of water. Other worlds died because they became way too negative and the cycle of negativity was not released and purged in any way. That is not happening here. That old cycle of no rain is over and will not reoccur…I know this because I am here, but scientists will never acknowledge me.. I do not care about them. I have lived in both worlds and I see the nonsense they spew out… It is comical to me. I am real, they are spiritual. It is that simple.

I have purged out so much of that negative weather set up that it is not strong enough to make any  difference now. It is still around me a little but it is all going out onto the universe too. I wish it was over. I want it to be all done. This constant purging is annoying but necessary. It stopped me from working in my old profession (nursing). It has stopped me from working in other jobs too. I purge out those toxic work set ups and end up back at home. I guess that means that life will go on and on.. Without someone purging this energy, life will eventually end completely as it has on other planets and in other  times. Why hasn’t a Healer done this before? I do not know. I still do not hear about this purging phenomenon happening anywhere or in any recorded history…Do you know why?

The answer is well hidden. But regardless, I blog to tell my story. It is my personal healing story. It is not a spiritual story. It is a universal story…. I am universally connected. I am not spiritual. I cannot stop my purging. It is not based on any ritualistic behavior. I am purging as I am typing right now… That is the difference between me and spiritual healers who tend to use rituals. My healing is ongoing all the time!

The water returning is proof that life continues. I will continue to purge all this energy as much as I can and as fast as possible. Healer’s Blog continues into this new year… Thank Goodness!