Quiet and Peaceful Times Are Here

I feel the times getting quieter and calmer now. The wrongs are out in the open and clearly seen by the right people. There is a sense of awakening and knowing with these few people. These are the ones who need to know the real truth about many criminal actions. There is this ah ha! going on now. They are acknowledging that this world is not taking care of the good people correctly. They are going to change that now. There will not be any more “games” being played by the bad ones. The creepy people who lie, break rules, and ignore laws are not getting away with it either as they did in the past. These freaks are getting what they are due and nothing more or less.

This balancing of right and wrong happens now as the spiritual energies continue their purging. The energies are not available for the freaks anymore. The freaks cannot hide themselves. They are in the limelight now and stay there until they are all gone away…And so, a quiet and serene feeling takes over and never stops as the universe takes away all the evil from our little world…

I am Healer of this universe. I am here to serve the good people of our world. The good people will live on and the evil people will not. That is what happens in a spiritual world when Healer comes through….