Today I Am Starting my Stunning Shawl…

Stack of Shawls-This is the collection of shawls I have crocheted. I call them Healer Wraps…

It is going to be a beautiful cherry red made from Red Heart Soft Yarn. I am just relaxing and doing the things I enjoy. I do enjoy my home so much these days. It has all the things I need right now. It is comfortable and easy to maintain. I can do it myself. I do not need anyone’s help. That is a very good feeling.

I just follow the rules in my community and nothing bad ever happens anymore. I am free from any negative set up situations. I stay far away from those ugly people out there who are not healing and purging, but instead are full of rage and hostility. That is not the world for me… It is that simple….When I am not in the middle, I am safe and those ugly people just have to deal with their own energies without me involved…

Because I have healed and purged so much spiritual energy, I know what is going to happen next in my life. I can just follow my feelings and let my own knowing guide me. I do not talk to anyone about what I need to do. I just know. It is the best feeling ever. I guess I am very healed now. I purge all the time and the universe is wide open for me. And the bad people come and go far, far away and stay there…..

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