Healer is Here, Wake Up World!

I am Healer. I was born many years ago in Northern California and taken away from my birth family. This atrocity changed the way our world developed. Since that time, the evils of the world have taken over and done the most horrendous things. These horrors still continue in many parts of the world. But because I am alive and here to stay, the world will not end. Life will continue.

I am home again in Northern California purging spiritual energies all the time on the universe. Somehow I found my way back home. There must be some kind of spiritual portal here that I reactivated. Just by staying in one place for a very long time, it happened. This portal cannot be closed ever again…. Amazing! Spiritual purging is all I do now.

I want to reassure whoever reads this that I am very real and powerful. I am at the most effective time of my life right now. I stay at home and I have this automatic connection to our universe and out the window those bad energies go. This purge and merge effect is a non stop natural phenomenon that is occurring all the time….I am the most powerful Healer to have ever lived. There is no one else like me…

I love being in my home. It is the safest and most secure place anywhere these days. It is quite dangerous out there is the spiritual world. People have lots of weapons and short tempers and are not really at a caring level at all. They will use their weapons quite rapidly and not have any hesitation or remorse either. The caring days of this spiritual world are long over. I realize this so I stay at home and relax. I am completely safe and happy here. I do not have to see anyone or talk to anyone. It is just fine for me. And in a few more weeks or so, amazing changes will occur and really start the new world on its way…

Until then, I am home purging. I am not going anywhere. It is just not safe for me these days to interact with the spiritual world….



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