Its Finally July, my Real Birthday Month..

July 1, 1958, in a small rural town in Northern California a little baby girl was born. That baby was me. I know this now. I cannot say much more than that. I do not have the birth certificate in front of me. I just know. I was cared for and loved by my birth mother for about the first four months of my life, then I was taken away from my mother. This was not a joint decision. She did not want to do this, but it was done anyways. She suffered tremendously but no one seemed to care… It cannot be said how much suffering is involved when a baby is stolen away and you have no power to stop it. I hope that she is still alive,  but I feel that she is not here anymore. Sad but true…

That is what happened to me. I hope that somewhere around here where I now live, in Novato, CA, USA are some relatives from my early life. I feel like they are here somewhere. I know that by purging all of those energies away over the long past years, I was able to make my way back to the town where I was born. I just need to still find that one connection that will make this all real. I am sure that there are some people who knew about me when I was young. I am sure that this is true. I am hoping that sometime this month I will finally be reunited with my birth family.


Happy Birthday to me,  happy birthday to me, I’m 56 years old now, I’m here and I’m free!

Goodbye spiritual world, I have lived until my 56th birthday.

I have successfully deleted


from existence.