My World Changed For the Good and I Did This Together With My Sons

There were no heroes along the way who helped me figure things out. I had to do this all by myself. In fact even today, there is no one around me telling me that I have a fantastic healing power and giving praise. I am not surprised because this world is such a bad one, that no one wants to admit anything now. They are all just keeping very quiet. How wonderful for them. I do not have to keep posting and blogging about me or my life for my healing powers to work. I do not have to do anything really, just be here..

I have made it through the toughest life of spirituality ever known and I did it all by myself. My sons are here with me and we will go on and do whatever we want to do. We do not need other people around us shaking our hands. That is not going to happen. We will simply be the survivors of this spirituality game. We are the good people who purged out the spiritual world in order to allow life to exist.

And those other scumbags that I have known through out my spiritual life time, they will just get old and wrinkled and die. That is not very exciting to me. There was never anyone of those people from my past who I want to be with or talk to. That is seriously the truth. I do not trust any of them. That time in their world is over for me.

And even if I do find out who my real mother was someday, I still will not be very excited anymore. I feel like I was left all alone to perish but I didn’t. I survived. I will always live on. I will purge and continue to do this forever. It never stops. That is the only way for life to go on and on.

Healers must live and purge. Otherwise humanity dies. And we do not like that idea around here.  So scumbags who think they helped me out in some way, I want you to know that you did not. You really did not. You were just another spiritual setup along this spiritual purging time. I guess it is really the start of a brand new world, one that is flat, not round and has the sun revolving around me.  A warm and loving natural world will be all there is in the future. The technology of this world will slow down a lot now because it was highly powered by spiritual energies. Believe it or not! Once those energies  are gone, technology goes too and the natural world takes completely over again..