My Birthday Month is Powerful For Me

Now that I realize and know that I was born in this month of July, I have been able to move forward in my purging journey at a very good pace. I totally discount the birth certificate that is in my safe. It is a falsified document. I am hoping that soon, I will find some proof of my early childhood events. I know that I was taken away from my birth mother. I know that my name was changed and my birth date was changed too. I feel my birth mother tried in vain to take me back. I know that I will eventually find the truth now, if I keep purging all this spiritual energy that still clings to my body..

I have been successful in accessing another hidden document that concerns my home and the real governing documents of the community in which I live. Now, I want to get to those other personal documents that have been withheld from me for so long. I am talking about an adoption certificate of some kind from an attorney. I feel that the woman who raised me has it and is keeping it well hidden. I do not talk to this woman ever. If I asked her about it right now, it would start a path so negative and disgusting that it would not help me find out anything. She would go on and on and rant about nonsense and try to make me look bad. Well lady, that is never going to happen to me. I am so far away from her evil. I cannot go there again. That time is so over.

I feel that I will be receiving some information about this when she dies. But I do not want to directly ask her or get involved with her now or at any other time. I just allow the natural dying process to take over. When she dies, all of those spiritual energies that are part of her will be purged out onto the universe forever. This will allow the truth to come forward easily and naturally, during the legal process following her death. I feel that somewhere in those important  papers she has kept over these years is the proof that I seek.

Until then, I continue to purge spiritual energies at a very high rate. It is not stopping! It continues all the time! There is so much of it to purge still. I continue to move through my real birthday month. I am enjoying the warm weather and making sun tea and wearing bathing suits again. It is beautiful here in Northern California. The gardens are blooming and growing food. It is all good for us  in my little home. I continue to make  everyday the same. The sun is here and warms us all. My sunflower turns and grows tall and shows me that even I can have the life I really wanted to have, the life that was meant for me..

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