Moving Out Without Really Moving-Healers Do This…

It happens along the purging journey. You are really going into a new place with your family when you are purging out the spiritual energies. It is surprising when you see what your family can accomplish when you stick together. You become survivors! You live on!

You stay in one place instead of moving around constantly, and make changes happen. And these are good changes. You make sure your drinking water is safe. You install a water filtration system yourself. No one tells you to so this. You just do it because it is necessary. You start growing your own food. No one tells you to do this either. But, it happens anyway and it is fun to watch plants grow from the tiniest of seeds. The results are very good.

This is what healing on the universe does. I am sure that there are going to be other families like ours doing these things. Our world is not that safe anymore. You rely too much on these other people to ensure that food and water are safe and plentiful. But, it may not be so in the future. As the climate continues to change and people continue to do things wrong, you will become less reliant on them for many things. You will learn to do more for yourself and this is easy when you are living  with your real family. I can tell the difference!

So, it is like moving out to a new place right now. But we are not really doing that. We are just changing and growing together and as adults we can plan and budget for whatever is needed for our home in the new little world. It is fun to do these things yourself. It feels good.

kittygardenfiregauge 011

Food Garden on Back Patio

Baby Tomates

Baby Tomatoes


Growing Food Indoors

Tomato Forest

Tomato Forest

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