The Internet is So Spiritual- No One is Like Me Here

I took a quick look back to my past, where I came from along this purging journey. I see no one has really changed for the good. They are all stuck still in their spiritual worlds, doing the same nonsense things, giving out stupid psychic advice and talking about a spiritually set up world like it is real and normal. And it is hard to get out of there, but I did.  Astrology in particular is a very stupid way to live. I was there though one time. Now I know how stupid it is. I am sure my birth date is not correct anyways. And I am also certain that the solar system is just a bunch of made up fantasy. What a joke it all is!

I know my birth date was changed by those bad people who stole me away from my birth mother. I believe my birth date was actually around this time, in the summer, not later on in November. And because of this major lie, my life took a very different path way as I got all covered up in a massive spiritual web that I am still breaking apart. I just laugh though at those people still there. Their looks are degrading.

Those psychic advisors are filling up with that bad energy and they look  bloated and inhuman. They are not ever going to purge like me. They are highly spiritual and their bodies are falling apart as they get all the major diseases now. I only had to look one last time at those psychic web sites to know that their end is coming soon.

I am happy I can purge and that I got away from the spiritual world. I cannot describe the horrors of that world enough. It is not where a real human wants to live. It is not a healthy place to be. You just fall into a trap without realizing it. But I was able to get away. And I have been successful. And my family will live on…

I guess that is why I am posting about those psychic freaks one last time. Their spiritual energies are very limited now and they really are dying out. In the future, the psychics will only be a forgotten part of the spiritual age. They will not exist anymore. They will be a mere memory. And real people will take control again and make the world safe and healthy.

The psychics are trying to stay in control, but they have no way to do that. Without their spiritual energies, they are dead…And many of them know this already and are preparing themselves to “go into the light”… Well it does not matter what you call it.  Once you die now, you are gone. The spiritual energies are purged and that is all that happens. There is no afterlife.  There is no returning to life. There is only death, a final end. And the end is with me because I am the dead end for all spiritual energy.

I am Healer and I am here to purge out all of the spiritual world completely. So, everything spiritual has a dead end now…