A Spiritual World is Set Up WRONG…Healer Purges it Out

Are you trying to get something changed in your community? Do not expect the authorities in control to do anything about it. These enforcement agencies who are in charge of protecting the public are set up to do the wrong things. That way, they can continue to exist. What would the police do if there were no criminals ? They need criminals to get a paycheck. So does the district attorney’s office. They also need criminals to get paid. The fire man need fires or they will also be gone, so forget about catching the real fire starters. We will just pretend we are really trying to figure that out. And because this is so stuck and warped, it is out of control now. The criminals are getting the attention of a celebrity, of a hero of sorts. What a freak show it is!

This kind of world which still exists is rotting away. It is at its peak now and will not be able to sustain itself. The obsessive commenting on websites, the ignoring, the enabling of this evil world will cease to happen. It will be silenced. And, the only reason that it happens is that these people all die. When they die, their spiritual energies are purged and merged with the universal energies.

There is nothing to keep this mess alive and functioning. It is a dead world really. It will be purged out because I am here to do it. That is the only reason things change. Otherwise, the real world would cease to exist and the human species would die out completely. Life would end. Unthinkable, but that is the result of a spiritual world. It always dies…

It is necessary to purge this world of the spiritual energies surrounding bad people. This will allow life to continue. And this only happens when these people die and their spiritual energies are merged out onto the universe. Once this takes place, these spiritual energies are inert and done. There is never ever going to be another spiritual world again.  This time will be looked back upon as the spiritual age that was ended by the Healer.

I am the Healer who is doing this. I cannot be stopped. It is all simple and complete. There is no one else who can do this but me. In the future,  I will be known only as Healer. I will be addressed as Healer. I will not be looked upon any other way. That is how the new world begins.

I am Healer and I am here forever…