It’s Time for a Little More Fun On the Universe…

It’s time for me to regroup and refocus again. I get caught up in a spiritual mesh sometimes still and get taken away into the messy world of criminals and such… But, I am leaving that again. I had to revisit the Novato Patch for a while to establish another blog here on wordpress. It is called Meadow Park Community Blog. I have been successful creating this new blog and introducing it to the community where I live. And then it got toxic as usual. I retreated and deleted that account on the Patch.

And now I am back here on my own blog site and safe and comfortable once again. I am not going to ever return to the Novato Patch for any posting or blogging. That time is done. Those kind of sites are getting worse, not better. But if you have your own little place on the Internet right now, you will be able to live on and do whatever you want to do. There are no set ups for having a new and creative blog. That is why I am continuing here and not fading away. I am making sure that I do not fade out. But sites like the Patch will fade out. And I am not there when it happens.

My amazing ability continues too. The energies are vast and moving at an extreme rate of speed. There is no end.  I feel it. Purging on the universe is a totally new phenomenon. I am Healer. That is why I am able to be here and continue instead of fading away and shutting down. I do not ever shut down. The energy purging never stops. It is automatic. It is not a ritual based thing. It is not a religious thing. It is a very real activity, and I am the only one talking about it. I am just being me, finally after so very long a time.

Now that I have achieved a permanent Internet site for my blogging needs, it will be easier to have more fun… And summer is coming right up too. My favorite time of the year is summer time. Maybe some new people will around me. Good people. I hope so anyway.