The Calendar Says: Friday the 13th… A Very Good Day for Me!

Why does the date Friday the 13th carry a negative and evil tone? If you are going to believe in spiritual numbers and dates, then of course it is ominous and scary. And things will happen the wrong way for you. If you continue to believe in all that nonsense then your life will always be controlled in a negative slant. And if you are hoping that nothing bad happens, you are definitely controlled by the spiritual entity around you.

Most people do not even know what day it is anymore. Like me, they are treating each day the same. When you do this, your whole world becomes real again. In a real world, everyday is just that:  a new day with the sun and the moon. And that is all. You create your own day and do whatever you want to do. So, a Friday that lands on the 13th of the month is just that. Another Friday in June is here. I feel good and relaxed. I am not worried. I am not confused. I am not thinking anything bad is happening, because in my world, nothing bad ever happens.

I am enjoying the feelings I get from what I do. I am not really that interested in making a big show or being in the limelight. I really am not like that. In my world we are just alive and doing things we want to do. We do not have any person controlling us. We each do our own thing and it works out just fine! That allows each of us to be totally happy and content. And that allows those spiritual energies to purge even faster.

When you allow someone to control your life, you are on a very bad path of destruction. It usually leads to your death. It is best not to let anyone control you. It is better to do things that only feel good for you. And not for other people. It sounds weird but, it works every time. It is not being selfish either. Things just settle down when you only do what you feel. Ignore anything else and everyone will be much happier.

Friday is a good day to mind your own business (MYOB). And suddenly the air will become sweet and pleasant again as those old crows fly away and disappear from view…