Speaking the Truth in an Informational Way is Very Powerful

I love to present information. It is always much easier to do this than to present opinions. There is not much people can complain about when presented information. The facts are only that. And knowing the facts will change things too.  Just by posting the facts in a real, public setting for people to read changes things. It does automatically in a spiritual world.  As the person is reading my information,  the spiritual energies around that person get very active. And then, there is a lot of emotional release. And these emotions can be expressed in many ways.

Some people get angry at information, because it is the reality that they are trying to ignore.. Some people get sad because they have let things go for too long. But it always creates a real human response of some kind and that allows change to happen. When humans start to feel again and care, they are purging their spiritual energies. They are becoming more real that spiritual. Emotional release is the first sign of a healing/purging human being.

I enjoy presenting information in the public arena now. I know that is all I have to do. I do it very well too. I just document the facts and summarize it a bit. That makes it possible to change things that are not happening the right way. Information is OK, as long as it is the truth. If it is a fairy tale or fiction, it is not helpful. But, when I post, I always post the truth. I am not biased.

I just post what I find out and what people tell me. That way, I can continue to do this as I need to until I really see action happening the right way. And even when there are some criminals or very negative people trying to interact with me in their negative way, I take control right back and send them off. I do not let them hassle me. Instead, they are hassled and look bad. I do not look bad at all. And they know it. They look gross and disgusting. And that is the truth..

When very negative people choose to interact with me, they are in for a very big surprise. They cannot do anything to me and this makes them frustrated and angry. Well, that is not my problem. That is their problem. And they go away from me, because they did not get the response or feeling of power that they wanted. They look stupid and dumb, and that is all people see about them. They feel ashamed and often do not know what to do next.

They clam up and remain silent for while, and go off into their little fantasy world where they are the” greatest power ever”, or whatever…. These people are losing all contact with reality.  They will just succumb to their spiritual side and leave this real world completely. And as they do, life goes on for the good people and ceases for the bad people. This all happens so simple and easy, and never stops whenever I present the truth in an informational way. People like to hear information and the truth about where they live. Homes are very important for the human existence and most of these criminals will never have one..