I Took a Walk Yesterday… And Ditched Craig’s List


Things are changing around here, but not for the good.  I see things actually getting worse. It seems that there is this lack of caring. The weeds are high, the neglect is apparent. The street corner properties look like war zones- left with debris, trash, and unfinished business. Apparently the money stopped flowing. When that happens everything stops. All the big plans for revitalization end. People just forget and go on. They do not care anymore. They just have no emotional attachments to much of anything. If they did, they would take care of their neighborhoods better. This corner lot mess will probably remain for a few years. I do see it ever getting done right. This particular corner lot is so ugly it needs to be totally razed, but instead it looks like they are just remodeling the old trailer like building. Gross and disgusting!

So the blight continues to take hold. I see this as a sign that the money is really not here anymore. The ATM machines are disappearing. The “getting cash back” at the burger joint is gone. There is no more cash anywhere around here. So I am going to take the cash out of my bank account and put it in my little home safe. There I will always have cash. Real cash, and cash is the only way you can buy things on Craig’s List.


On second thought, after purging out some more spiritual energy, I reconsidered my Craig’s List idea. Craig’s List is just not fun anymore. It used to be, but not now. Too many scammers, fake people, and game playing. And no one likes to use PayPal on Craig’s List, too bad..

It is so much easier to just order something new online and have it delivered to you, free of charge. I mean, it is so easy that way! And you don’t have to deal with any weird, strange people anymore. I used Craig’s List a lot when I was purging out my old life. I got rid of a lot of stuff (furniture, etc.) that way. But that time is over.

So, I will not take all my cash out of the bank and put it in my safe. I will just leave it safely where it is and use my bank card to buy whatever I want online, have it shipped or delivered for free, and live life the easy way.