Making Your Way in the New World: Being Universal Instead of Spiritual

The New World has no spiritual energy. Now this means that you are on your own to make things happen. What you do affects the outcome. You do not have to be concerned about a spiritual set up interfering with your plans. This way of living is becoming the norm. In the New World, you will make a huge difference by just being here. You will plan and focus your own natural talents and energies on what you love to do. And naturally you will all be successful. The New World is Universal! That means that all spiritual energies are automatically and continuously purged and merged with the universal energies on a daily basis!

You will not have to obtain any higher educational degrees to achieve this either. You will be far ahead of those mind-controlled people who are stuck in those boring and dangerous educational institutions. You will never hear about them anymore as they will be so far away from you. They will never be able to interact with you anymore. They will always move farther and farther from your world. They will just fade away completely…

You establish a New World which is fun and exciting. And the work you do is always enjoyable. You naturally see your efforts grow and be appreciated. It is such a good feeling in the New World. Your worries have finally ended. The worrying was just the spiritual energies around you trying to stop you from becoming real. Once you have arrived at this point of no worry, you have achieved a real life. You have beaten the spiritual energies and this never changes!! You do not have to do battle again ever.

Life is so easy and simple and fun now. As you get your own universal connection stronger and more entrenched, you will feel your way through life everyday. There are no more bad times. It is all about making life beautiful, healthy, and most of all, fun. Universal Healers are very attractive, creative, and brilliant people. We are not gods, we are real human beings. And we are here to stay…


Creeping Sage- Salvia Sonomensis- Part of Healer’s Garden





Healer Wraps- A beautiful collection of hand crocheted wraps and shawls created by Healer Julia Angel

Healer Julia Angel

Healer Julia Angel