Exposing the Corruption in the HOA- One Last Time

I am in the end phase of an expose. I have been posting for the past 3 years about all the corruption in my community. It has been part of my healing/purging journey. But it is not all of what I do. Again it is just a small piece of what I do. I am through posting about the crooks and criminals etc. I am not going to do this anymore. I have been posting on the Novato Patch and backed up my postings and Meadow Park Community Blog here. I will let it go for now and see what happens. I feel that is the best way to go forward now. I do not want to be in the middle of anything that happens as a result. I simply just want to leave things as I have left them. I hope that something really changes this time around. It is a slow and laborious task, trying to make things good in a bad world. Maybe I have more control than I realize…

I have learned not to get too involved, and just purge most of this old evil energy away. I focus more on my immediate surroundings and my home. I am not that emotionally involved anymore with this “exposing the criminals” stuff. I just say the truth and then let it go. If things do change for the good this time, then so be it. I am not really sure if it will. But if things still do not change that much, I will always be here and have a home. That is a certainty.

So, as this long and boring holiday weekend comes to a close, I am looking forward to a very busy and exciting week ahead. The last week of May 2014 is going to make me very happy! Lots of good things coming right up.