A Legal Action to Remove the Freak

Having a  bit of difficulty getting attention these days? Doing anything you can to get a response? That just means that your time is ending. You cannot have your way now or ever again. Your time forever and ever, is officially over. I am in control now. I am Healer of this Universe. I have control over you and all of your cronies too. All that nasty energy that you enjoyed for so long, (I mean over the ages long), is gone. You have no time left. Ever again. Do you understand that entity? Since you are not real you do not have a name. You do not have a brain. You are an it. So entity you are now purged. There is no more time left, no more time left,  no more time left, forever…

Your days are over. There are no more set up days. You have no control. You are unimportant. You are ignored and laughed at too. I hope you understand that. People see right through you and what is going on. You cannot hide or make up a story this time. Your lies are not working at all. You are seen for the freak that you really are.

It is a fun time for me. It is the Real Show going on. And this is how it stays. The legal times are coming and will stay. There will be one after another legal problem for you to battle. It will continue because there are so many legal problems that you created. You will be involved in all of them. You will never have a peaceful moment again. You will suffer until your end. It will come too but not after every single legal problem has been heard. By then you will be so transparent and ugly, that no one will want to be around you or speak to you. You will have no interaction with anyone. Then you will perish. You will die. And that will be the end of you, entity. You are done. You are over. And all it takes is one legal action to get it going. And that is happening right now.. it really is happening freak.