I Am Not Afraid To Tell The Truth

Telling the truth and exposing the criminals is what I do. I am not afraid or unwilling to get involved with this activity. I know that in a spiritual world the corruption is so entrenched in the everyday living, that it gets accepted as the norm. But when it is happening in my home community and my home is at risk for a fire disaster, I make sure that the truth is heard by many. Exposing the corrupters in public is the best way to get something done right. It is much faster than trying to go through the legal process. That way is too cumbersome  now and there is no guarantee either of the results. You leave the ending up to a judge and many are so evil and corrupt that they cannot be trusted. Believe me, I know all about that! It may still be the right way for some people, but for me, I find that telling the truth has faster and permanent results.

I am telling the truth again on the Novato Patch about my community, Meadow Park. I am hoping that this time, the right things will happen. This means the bad people will leave, resign, be fired or contracts severed. That’s what I want to see. I want to see good and caring people take over and be in control. That is all that really needs to happen now. This is no joke. When your home is at risk for a major fire disaster, you do something about it. You do not let these gross and disgusting people continue to make things go wrong by ignoring the rules about fire safety.

That is what I did today.  I went back to the Patch again. It felt like the right time to do this again. I am not really that excited about being on the Patch again, but this time it was important to tell people that the message board on the Meadow Park HOA website was removed. That tells people that there is really something wrong in Meadow Park .

So, that is what I did. I also named my blog, the Meadow Park Community blog so that those of us who live in this community have a safe place to post our concerns out in the open.  This should bring down the criminals faster. The more of us that respond and share our stories, the better it is for all of us who live here. That is what I am trying to do anyway.

I am not afraid of telling the truth. It is a very powerful weapon against criminals and they  just falter and fade out when they are confronted with it. Tell the truth and your world changes for the good. Let fear go. As soon as you tell the truth, you feel wonderful and safe. It is the best way to purge out the spiritual setups that are controlling the bad situation. It always works for me.

Here is the link to my blog on the Novato Patch:




Meadow Park Prohibited trees 002

Prohibited high fire hazard palms located on Captain Nurse Circle in Novato, CA