Healer of the Universe Wins Again- Read All About It!!

If I could I put myself in the headlines, I would tell everyone everywhere on all the Internet news sites about me and what I do. I would be very descriptive and explain the reality of the spiritual decline. I would attract a lot of attention and most of it would be quite negative. I tend to do that in a spiritual world. My words are so powerful that even reading them causes the spiritual being to disintegrate and fail. I have seen this over and over again and I am very good at effecting this phenomenon now. I just laugh when it happens because it is so real and so easy for me..

I cannot put myself on all the headlines everywhere. But I can continue to post on my blog and even though I do not have thousands of followers,  my posts are very powerful. I post something here and then purge out the spiritual set up that I am referring to and things change again. I really do not have to have anyone read my posts. That is just a spiritual thing to have all these people reading, commenting and following. I am not doing this blog to have followers. I am just posting here to have an accounting of what I am doing. And it is fun to watch the new world I am creating.  Sort of like the game Myst, but this is real. This happens all the time now. I see it as a normal life for me. It is just me being me. I am not that special really. I am just being normal.

And of course, Healer wins again and again all the time because there is nothing anyone can do to stop me, Healer, from purging spiritual energy.. It is like the melting of ice in Antarctica. There is nothing that anyone can do to stop that. And the waters will return much faster now and continents will really start to disappear, even more than before (i.e. Atlantis). A lot of the continents on this planet are not real and very spiritually created. So they will be going under water for good.

That is the real truth and you will never see this in the mainstream headlines. Only here on my blog will you find out what is really going on.