September Ends Soon and I am Ready for What Happens Next

I am so happy to see the end of this month! Tomorrow I will finally complete and submit my last unemployment claim forever. This is very significant to finally purge out unemployment setups. I have had a few of them and this is the last one. It is also significant because it involved a school job so everything spiritually that has been attached to schools is over too.  My home that I owned in Novato, CA was attached to the school setup. That is over. My youngest son is out of Hamilton ( a part of Novato) and we are severing all ties with those Hamilton people.

It is really amazing for me. I have to understand the power this is giving me now. I finally did it! I got rid of the school set up and school people. I have achieved what I never thought I could: total freedom and financial independence. I had to be able to live through all of those times in CA in order to return to my homeland and live here again. Here in my homeland, I am very safe and nothing can happen to me and my family. We are so stable and safe now. This is because I have purged out the California Dream which was trying to keep me there and cause my demise.

One more day and then its over. October brings change. There will be remnants of Hurricane Rosa here in Yuma. There will be rain again. We have waited for a very long time to have our rain return. Now it is coming back. I am open to allowing more people to know who I am and what I can do. The Universe is allowing this to happen now. October is a perfect time for me to talk openly in my hometown about my healing abilities. It happens automatically.

I know this is just the beginning of a fun and everlasting good time. We will forget all about the old days of spirits and spirituality. The spiritual age for us is very much ending.  Our Universe’s magnetic current easily purges and merges these spiritual entities and moves them to other places far away from humans. These spiritual entities will never be here again.

Our Universe is alive and working with Universe Family Healers to provide a living world here on planet Earth. The bad people get caught and dealt with. The good people have control. That is how things are now. It won’t ever change.