Monsoon: Imbalance of the Waters

Since arriving back in Yuma, AZ (my homeland) I have heard about the Monsoon Season. At first I paid little attention to this as I made my way from one negative setup to another. I have finally been able to stop and relax a little bit at my current location. It is summertime here in Yuma and very warm. I like the weather. There are breezes blowing throughout the day and night. It is beautiful.

However, I am wondering why we are not getting the rain during our Monsoon season. Apparently Yuma has been in a drought for several years! So we have this monsoon season, with warmer temps and winds, but no rain. Now a tropical desert without rain is not much fun.

And then across the planet in other parts of the world, I see Monsoon season with too much rain. I am talking about places like Thailand where there is a serious situation going on right now involving young people and a coach trapped in a flooded cave. I see that their monsoon season is heavy with rain. And they are trying to get control of this bad situation as quickly as possible. I am hoping that my healing can help in some ways. I am always purging out spirit energies from everywhere and perhaps this purging will help hold back on that heavy rainfall until they can free those entrapped people.

And perhaps, purging spiritual energy into the atmosphere here in Yuma AZ will cause a positive change in our local weather. I would like to see more rain, steady but not overwhelming. I would like it to be balanced. More rain here, less other places. I know this sounds kind of strange, but I do believe that is what happens during Universe Time. When I purge, I hear the energies being pulled toward the southeast right toward that part of Asia. It is very clear the direction of the Universe’s energy field.

There has never been any studies about what spiritual energy purging does to our atmosphere and weather conditions. All I know is that when I am hot here in Yuma, I simply lay down and soon the breezes find me and I cool off. I never use air conditioning My windows are always open even at night.  I want to see more people around here doing the same things I do. I want less air conditioner noise. It is annoying to hear all that electrical noise on a beautiful summer evening when the breezes are blowing.

I am looking to the southeast and that is where the energy is going. That is where I hear the spirit noises. It does not return here. Spirits are taken far away from our planet and into the vast reaches of our Universe. Perhaps they are recycled in some way. They are made of some very magnetic minerals. The noise of the spirits is lessening all of the time. There will be balance restored to our planet everywhere as a result of this purging and merging process.

Our Universe is simply working normally now. Even though no scientists are talking about it, I do. I have become a scientist of sort. I do have a Master’s of Science degree in Parent Child Nursing. I document my experiences here on my blog. I see the progress and I share with anyone who is interested. There will always be something new and interesting here to write about.

A book could never do this and would always be out of date. Only by blogging has this experience of world healing been documented and made real day after day. Please share my blog with anyone who you feel would be interested. I encourage all of us to become aware of our healing planet.