Many Good Things Are Happening Now

I am so happy to be done with February as it has always been a very negative month for me. This February, I was in control of the negative events that were trying to play out. Now, heading into March much of February’s mess is already purged. What started up will fade away. I am already forgetting about it all. I am that powerful.

So, this means that since I live in Universe Time the negative people cannot exist around me. They will be removed this month from where I live. I see the signs already. I want my home environment to be safe and secure of course. I live in a drug free place. The negative people who do not follow our rules will have to leave.

I am finishing up so many things too. There are good people around me. We support each other and the bad times vanish. I am well protected. Making my home life safe is a priority. I am happy to see things turn around so quickly now. I will never have to live among negative people again. I am done with all that.

I want to post about living a debt free life. I have talked about this before. Our society has been infested with a huge amount of debt spirit worlds. It is expected and accepted to have debt and a great credit score. This is so negative! When everyone has a debt layer of spirits on them, things just get worse and worse. It is so important to get rid of all debt and live a debt free life. When you become Universe connected, you will automatically get rid of your debt at the right time.

The way this happens is unique and different for every human. Again it is just one more positive result of being Universe connected. Once you have your debt totally removed, it is impossible to accumulate debt again. That’s because the spirit world controlling debt setups is gone from your human body. If a scam starts up it will not be able to complete itself. There is no way a SCAM (Spiritually Created About Money) activity can continue. It must have the counterpart on your body to work. Spirit setups can only work if all components of the setup are present.

Moving forward in 2023 is easy now. I am in total control of all spiritual setups and SCAM activities. I am enjoying what is happening right now. I see the solution to any problem and instantly understand how the spiritual activities work. I am the right person to talk with about all things spiritual. I am the only Healer who is able to remove the 2023 spirit setups hanging around you. I can easily connect all debt setups to our Universe for instant removal. You will automatically know what to do in your unique situation and will follow through on what needs to be done.

One Universe Family Healing session removes all dangerous mental health problems too such as worry, anxiety, depression, despair, and suicidal thoughts. Having a heavy debt layer causes a human to have these serious mental health problems. It all goes away when the spiritual debt layer is attached to our Universe’s magnetic current.

Universe Time is here for all good people who attach their spirit worlds to our Universe. Good things start happening right away and never stop. Contact me to get connected.