It’s A Universe Thing

Today I received some very good news. I am sharing it briefly on my website because it demonstrates the power of my healing. I mentioned before that my healing modality effectively gets rid of the debt layers around humans. Once this spiritual debt layer is purged it is impossible to accumulate debt ever again.

Back in July 2020, I became a participant in the AZ Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program. I had to stop doing my Home Visits for Healing service here in Yuma in March 2020. Governor Ducey had proclaimed a Stay At Home Order. Only essential services remained open here due to the COVID pandemic. I applied and was approved for weekly monetary benefits.

Fast forward 2 and 1/2 years to the present. Something strange happened last month, February 2023. I received a letter stating I was not eligible for the PUA program. I was told there was an over payment that I was responsible for. I immediately got into action and asked for help. Well, although I contacted several people no one really did anything except for me.

I asked for a reconsideration of my case and today I got the good news that I am not responsible for any over payment after all. This means I did not accumulate debt and I do not owe the AZ Department of Economic Services (DES) any money.

I feel this was some kind of SCAM activity. SCAM stands for Spiritually Created About Money. I feel that although it seemed that I was at risk for a financial loss, it did not happen! That’s because I do not have any spiritual debt layers around me. This made things happen the right way. I felt relieved of course. I know that this is the very last time I will be confronted with a SCAM activity.

It is a Universe thing. So many good things happening right now are due to me being Universe connected. SCAM activities just disappear magically. I am sharing this one example of how being Universe connected saves us from financial woes. I just kept going one day to the next knowing what I needed to do and did everything the right way. The result ended up being in my favor.

Every day people everywhere are confronted with SCAM activities trying to make them in financial distress. Universe Family Healing removes all of the SCAM activities. It is that simple.

It’s a wonderful thing.