I Am Crocheting More Blankets…

Last year I was crocheting many Sunset shawls. I was sunsetting all of the spirit setups from my family’s spirit worlds. It was automatic to do this. At year’s end I could not stop making them.

Now, I am crocheting blankets (afghans). It started in early summer and continues. I was making them for my sons. Now I am making more, for my family will be expanding someday. I am making blankets for our Universe Mates too!

His and her crocheted blankets are being designed and constructed daily in my little studio. This is keeping me busy and away from the negative people. This allows me to focus on my family even if they are not here with me yet.

This is fun for me. It is again happening automatically. I was always just making my shawls called Healer Wraps. Now, I am making items for other people, my family. This is feeling so good!

What a positive thing going on here. I shared this with my sons too. I am missing my family so much these days. Making these blankets is helping me feel closer to them. I know that someday I will see them again, hopefully soon.

I always document the changes here on my website. This is where I share the wonderful and amazing phenomenon of Universe Family Healing. My words tell the story in real time. I am seeing how gradually and easily my healing is bringing my family back together. We have been separated for over 6 years now. It is time for the First Family on the Universe to reunite.

Crocheting beautiful things is allowing me to see the progress of my family’s healing. It is real and unmistakable. I am sharing a real example right now that means it is time to be reunited, and Universe Mates are part of this reunion too. I am crocheting more blankets. It is real.