Remembering the Past As It Finally Slips Away

When I was a young girl, I was living a fake life in Anaheim, CA, USA. I had been taken away from my real birth family as an infant. It was a crime against humanity. Those bad people got away with it then, but it still did not stop me from being the real me today.

I now know why our planet changed for the bad. I was not able to become the Healer I am now. I was so suppressed by their spirit worlds which controlled them to do the wrong things. My hair was cut short. Instead of having long hair and pony tails I was stuck with a short haircut of curls and ugly bows.

So what you say? Well, I know how important it is to wear my hair in a pony tail. Every time I do this now I hear spirit setups breaking apart around my head. That hairstyle of the past only allowed a spirit world to take more and more control of me. And I endured teasing about my hair and trauma as a result.

When I complained to that Ukrainian fake father about my feet hurting, he diagnosed me with planters’ warts on the bottom of my feet. He was a pediatrician and both of his parents were of Ukraine descent. So, he decides to use some machine in his office to dig holes in my feet to remove these so called warts. This was all without any local anesthesia. I remember the pain.

That procedure did not do anything to relieve the foot pain, and only made things worse. That procedure allowed more spiritual energy to directly enter my feet. My feet were hurting only because my feet needed to purge spiritual energy. Now all that happened was a worsening of the problem. He made it worse not better. He was not even a good doctor.

I am very laware how bad those people were and I hold them directly responsible for the negative way our planet changed. Those selfish, evil people used me to make themselves look good. They wanted this image of a large, happy family but in reality they only had 1 birth son. Out of 4 children, 3 of us were stolen away. This is the truth.

I was not able to really help our planet heal for many years. I lived in CA, USA for over 55 years! Finally, in January 2016 I was home for good. Now, I am able to do exactly what I must do. There is no one stopping me now. I wear pony tails daily and purge my feet completely too. I never had planters’ warts, only a bad setup with bad people controlling my life. That time is over now. I am living safely in my homeland and I am very stable too. It was not easy to return home but I did it. I love being home. I’ll never be taken away again.

Julia Angel 5 years old