I Am Free Of The S.C.A.M. Activities

I have always said that I am very powerful with busting the scams. I created the acronym S.C.A.M. meaning Spiritually Created About Money. I have lived through many S.C.A.M. activities. I am at the end of all S.C.A.M. activities in my way. No one will ever use me or my money again! This is such a relief and comfortable feeling. The times of being used by people are all over. I purged everything out and far away from me.

Now, I am making afghans for my sweet sons. I am sure that soon I will see them again. It has been a very long time. I am making an afghan for my sweet Universe Mate too. This was all automatic! I’m sure if I had made these afghans earlier, these precious afghans would have been lost. The family healing time can be wrought with many ups and downs, but stability is always the end result.

I am stable and safe now. My blog is pure documentation of what I encountered during my family healing time. Reality is all that exists now for me and my family. All of the S.C.A.M. activities are gone. I ended the last one today. I am done.

Now, all I am doing is making and remaking items like blankets and shawls that I gave away to people who did not deserve them. Those people are permanently purged away from me and I won’t be bothered by them again. I won’t see them anymore. The spiritual connection that kept them around me is gone. They were just S.C.A.M. setups created by a spirit world. I purge spirit worlds so this automatically eliminates what was happening.

I am free of the S.C.A.M. setups finally. There were many of them to get rid of, but it ended today. I gave the remaining bags of cat food that I bought with my own money back to the manager here where I live. I am no longer using my own money to feed the community cat colony here. I only take care of me and my 2 kitty boys, Simba and Tawny. I took back control of me and my money. This is how things go now. No one will ever take anything away from me again. That time is over. I have full control of my life and remain powerful and unstoppable. I am Healer and will always be here.