Sun Purging On The Universe

I have written several times about my connection to our sun. I know that there are alot of people who say that getting in the sun is dangerous for you. They say you can get skin cancer, etc. Well, that maybe true for highly negative people. Sun purging is very dangerous for them. But most of us can definitely benefit from daily sun doses. I am combining all of my posts from my blog about sun purging starting in 2014 right here. I want people who are wondering about this to have my point of view too.

I know how real and healthy sun doses are and that more of us should be getting our sun doses on a regular basis. Spiritual energy is quickly dissolved in the direct view of the sun. So, here are my posts about our powerful beautiful sun. We could not live on our planet without it. We would all just die. Purging this spirit energy helps the sun in many ways. I will always be here to purge spirit energy into our Universe and around our sun.

The Sun Is Smiling Down On Me As Life Goes On and On..

Originally Published on June 7, 2014

That is the first thought that came to me today. It is a beautiful springtime day here in Northern California. Temperatures are mild and the sun shines brightly all the time now. I am not afraid of the sun. It is a life preserving energy orb. The sun is getting the magnetic energy it needs to maintain itself forever and ever. This spiritual energy  purging allows all the right things to happen. A spiritual world gets set up when there is no spiritual energy purging and then,  it appears to be the normal.

But all it does is kill people. And make the world die. Spiritual energy cannot prolong life. It is a very negative and damaging kind of energy. It makes people evil and old. They do things with bad intent. They do not care. They lose their human qualities as they age and respond with lies and greedy ways. Their appearance changes and they become ugly.

So, being in contact with the sun is a very important way for this not to happen. Sun connections are healthy. If you are always hiding yourself from the sun, you are highly spiritual and will die. I always loved being in the sun. It never hurt me. I am not getting any skin cancers. I am not spiritual. That only happens to highly spiritual people who are more spiritual than human. They succumb to these spiritual diseases. But there are those like myself who can and will connect to the sun and stay here. Without our sun, there is no way humans can live. And without spiritual energy purging there is no way our sun can continue.So purging does keep this magnetic force in balance. And that is the beauty of how this all works. It is a very easy and natural occurrence.

The scientists are never going to tell you this. But, it is the truth and these scientists will also die. Their ideas and thoughts are very spiritually controlled. They try to find another living world out there, but it is not out there. There is no other planet like Earth.

Well Sun, You Did More Than Smile Today…

Originally Published on June 8, 2014

You heated up the place and this caused a lot of changes to happen. But you got hot, very hot. And I felt it. I saw the wasps flying around in a disorganized fashion. I saw and heard people going off on stupid things, and I kept my kitty as cool as I could. And we survived the day. And now, as this evening cools down nicely, I am re-focusing my efforts back to my own personal blog here and reminding myself who I am and what I do. I am not just a whistleblower anymore. That has gotten way too boring. I am moving beyond that realm. It is not fun. It is stupid, because I have to repeat the same things over and over and it is so boring. I am leaving that whole thing and letting go. And watching what happens. That’s all I am going to do now..

So, as today starts to really wind down, another boring weekend has completed. And I know that if I just keep refocusing myself to the Healer who I am, that everything turns right around again in my favor and never changes. And that is what I am thinking about today, right now. I am so happy this day has ended. Monday, a wrong is righted and that continues and never stops. It is really cool now, stay tuned.

Feeling Good- The Sun Does It!

Originally Published on February 15, 2015

There is always so much bad stuff said and written about the sun these days. I am tired of hearing it really. Those people who are always talking down the sun are very spiritual people. They hide themselves in the sun and cover up their faces. They are the ones getting skin cancers all the time..They are more spiritual than human. Their time is over now.

I know that the sun is not a bad thing at all. The sun is the greatest Healer of them all.. When I sit in the sun, its powerful rays are all over me, pulling the spiritual energy away.. I am so connected to the sun and always have been. This tells me that I have always been a Healer, but did not really know it. I was not aware of my true healing ability. I am now, but it took me many years to be here where I am today…

We are fortunate to have the best weather conditions in North California. I am so positive it has to do with spiritual energy purging! I feel that weather conditions are controlled spiritually too…But not here where I live. The natural living world has taken control back and we have gorgeous weather..I am happy that we are having a very early spring. The sun is shining brightly. I know it is going to be a very good and prosperous year for me and my family. I know because the sun is here with me.

A real human Universal Healer like me must have this powerful connection with the sun. I work with the sun to establish a bond and continually purge this negative energy towards it. This allows our world to be safe and secure. Purging spiritual energy stabilizes the magnetic fields around the universe. This means our sun will not die and we will live on. Without this recycling of spiritual energy, the sun will get hotter and hotter and the Earth will die, as what happened on other planets. Purging spiritual energy on the universe balances everything nicely!

Now, there is this constant flow of spiritual energy onto the universe. The sun is supplied with magnetic energy.. This is what real Universal Healing really is, feeding the sun! You may read other people’s words who say they are Universal Healing, but they are not saying the things I say and I know they are not doing the things I do. This is my personal concept of Universal Healing. It makes logical sense to me. I am experiencing this phenomenon all the time and documenting what happens to me here on my blog. I do not care if scientists on this planet are not interested in this theory of mine. That is their own business. I do what I do and it works..

Feeding the Sun Lightens the Load

Originally Published on November 19, 2015

As I approach the end of my family’s spiritual connections, I find that it becomes so easy to do whatever is necessary…Everyday, there is something new and it is always good and easy to do…

Lighten the load: Purge away all that belongs in the spiritual world.. Get rid of those material things that are not real. That part feels very good… I have no problem discarding those items.. And I mean from furniture to childhood items to  pictures of the fake spiritual family and people I was around….. All of that stuff from the spiritual time of my existence is purged, thrown away and forever removed and quickly forgotten….

I feed the sun constantly as I work the final days of my outside job… When you reach that point and you have your outside job.. You have made it! You have successfully removed spirituality from your life…

I am a real Universe Family Healer. 

Universe Family Healing is real.. This is not a scam.

Warm Sunny Days are With Me

Originally Published on December 7, 2017

It is almost over, 2017. Just another spiritually set up year finally ending. But as it ends, I realize I am now living in a beautiful warm environment. I can live here because it is comfortable for me. I cannot live in cold climates. I am happy to be in this warm sunny weather all year long.

The temperatures right now are in the 70s. The sun is shining. The sky is blue and clear. I sit in the sun and it feels wonderful. Yes, it is December 27. Winter. But, I live in Yuma, AZ now. Here, the winter is mild. I cannot be sad in this environment. I enjoy every moment.

There is no worry any longer about being cold. Universe Family Healers have to be warm. I remember times when it was so cold outside and grey. I wanted the sun to shine. I am talking about California in the winter, especially in the north. Those times are over for me. But my sons still live there. It is cold at night and every year gets colder.

I hope that soon, this changes. I am looking forward to my 2018, a totally new year. I am expecting more fringe benefits. I am expecting more family. I am waiting patiently for this to happen. And while I wait, I work, I crochet, I bake. I rest and purge spirits. I live simply and safely. Because I followed the sun,  I am back where my roots are.

The Sun In February…

Originally Published on February 24, 2018

I have the sun in February now. I am in total control of February. In the past, February was a very dark and evil time for me. The spirits were in total control of February and did as they wanted. I remember those times very well how I was so controlled to do things I would not of done had I been totally here. I was not aware of the Universe then. I was simply going along with the negative control factors in place.  But, I noticed that last year and this year, I am very much in control of February now.

I also know that there was a time a long time ago when I was still in control of February. It was before I had my children. Somehow my control over February allowed me to continue to have my children. I now see this as a time when I needed to be in control. If I did not have my own children, I would never have understood that I was not raised by my birth family. I can tell instantly the difference now. There are no real bonds with me or any of my so-called “family  members” who I was around during my childhood years. That connection was totally spiritual. I had to have my own children to understand the difference. I became a Universe Family Healer when I understood this process of purging spiritual energy into the Universe.

So, I am in total control of February. I have the sun all of the time in February and it is the best time to purge toward the sun. I returned to my homeland where it is the sunniest place on this planet. In northern areas during winter, there is not much sun. And also people are afraid of the sun up north. I was never afraid of the sun.  I can understand why those people are afraid of the sun as they are highly spiritual. But I was never spiritual at all.

I love the sun. I always have loved  being in the sun. It is a huge powerful magnet which totally consumes spiritual energy. I sit in the sun and it is amazing what happens! There is this extreme magnetic pulling I feel from my hands and body. The energy stream of spiritual energy is very gritty and moves quickly towards the sun. It is automatic. The sun enjoys this connection too. It is a very good interaction I experience. There is nothing negative about the sun, unless you are  a spiritual being.

I remember that time long ago, when I went to the beach during February and the sun was there. I enjoyed it. It was very powerful for me. I guess I was able to purge a lot but did not know it. It certainly made everything change for the good. I have permanent control of February now. Perhaps in the future, February will be removed from our calendar because it is so highly negative and bad for our planet. That is what I am hoping will happen soon.

Purging Towards the Sun: On the Universe

Originally Published on December 7, 2018

This post was first published on May 9, 2014. Today, December 7, 2018, I am republishing it here with a few updates. I am still purging towards the sun.

When I am in the direct view of our sun, I am so connected to its magnetic field. I purge directly towards the sun! It is like magic, but totally real. It is an amazing phenomenon. I am documenting it here again because it is so powerful and mysterious that I want to keep talking about this on my blog. It is true that no one else is talking about this. I am sure that it is a totally new way of interacting with our real world. I am sure that I am the only one to do this. I cannot explain why I am the one. I only describe what is going on. Again, it is a phenomenological approach to this situation. I am living it and describing it. I know that it makes me feel so good! I feel energized. I feel wonderful.

The sun is also getting what it needs to go on. It needs this spiritual layering from me. It requires it to maintain its normal functioning and balance. The scientists will never agree with me. But then they are not me. They are not a Universe Family Healer. I feel that what they all say is not important at all, and in the future their research studies about the Universe will go away. No one will care what they say. It is apparent now when I read the posting on the internet. People are joking about the scientific studies all the time now. It is just one big joke!

That is all I wanted to say today. When I talk about being “on the universe”, I just mean that the universe is on, (like turned on again), open, and able to take this spiritual energy away from me. I guess this is what is needed to save a human existence. And so it goes on and on. I will always be here to purge this energy. I will live and be free of spiritual setups and spiritual living. I will not be a part of that spiritual world which still exists.

I will create my own living world. It will be safe and loving. The spiritual world is dying and will slowly fade away. It will take time, but it is happening now.  Because I am here though, life goes on and on.

There are no other planets like ours. The Universe is a dead place. It has this energy circulating around it but it is not life forming. It is like a spiritual waste center. Purging this spiritual energy just keeps us at a safe distance from our sun and that means that we can live. I know that the scientists do not say anything about this and never will. They will be part of the demise of the spiritual world. That is the truth.

Feels So Good To Be In The Sun

Originally Published on February 5, 2019

February 5, 2019, I am feeling the warmth of the sun. It feels so good to have sunshine in February. Here in Yuma, the land of the sun, it happens almost everyday. I live and breathe clean air and let the sun shine on me. I feel the magnetic purging action. It is powerful to purge in the sun. I am not afraid of the sun. I let it warm my body and release the spirits from around me. Our sun is a very powerful healer.

I feel so good when this is happening. I am not in the dead zones on the planet. I am here where the sun is shining brightly. This is where I must live.

I was born here many years ago. I lived here for a few years before I was taken away. I lived in southern CA for most of the time and some in the north. It was very cold there in Northern CA. It was a bad environment for me. I had to leave and come back to my homeland. That is my story. But as I move forward, I still am seeking the truth. I am still healing toward my birth family. I know that I was taken from them. It is time for the wrongs to be righted. Universe Family Healing reunites birth families.

So I sit in the sun and let it purge the spirits. I know that I am in the right place doing the right thing. I go with the flow. I am living totally on Universe Time. I am making February a calm and peaceful time for new opportunities to begin. It is all opening up now. Going with the flow…

Feeling So Good, Sunny Days Are Here

Originally Published on December 1, 2020

Wow, it’s finally December. And it’s beautiful here. The temperature is 77 degrees with full sun and a light breeze. I’m laying outside connecting spirit worlds to our Universe. The purging is strong. Absolutely nothing is going wrong.

I’ve been replacing what was taken from me. I’m replacing what is old and worn out. This feels so good. A new tablet with lots of storage for all of my games! A new computer case for my chromebook! It’s so much fun to do this. Finally fun is returning.

Having the sunshine here in December is so cool. I forget about everything out in the sun. I am in and of the sun all day. So much good work here. I work totally at home now. I discarded that old black leather portfolio I’ve had for so many years. I used it for many meetings and interviews. It felt good to toss it away.

No more meetings. No more interviews. I am at home. I work from home. I live at home. I am safe at home. But I am missing my closet. I really need my closet again. Somehow this comes back to me too. Everything is coming back to me. I am due all of these things. And more. Everyone is coming back to me too. I just have to wait a little bit longer. It is happening.

My traveling days are over. I am ready to empty my suitcase and hang up my clothes. My suitcase has the word Embark on it. I bought it when I was in graduate school over 15 years ago. It has given me many years of service. But it’s time to retire my suitcase for good.

The year is ending once again. I have made more progress in my work. I am actively working at home now and it’s very successful. I am no longer providing Home Visits for Healing, but can certainly provide Universe Family Healing sessions by phone. This is so much fun for me! There has been so much success for me this year. I am really here in my homeland living my life as I should.

I will document December and see what else happens before year’s end. Universe Time is in full swing for me, my family, and clients. We are making huge changes on our planet. The fun times are starting right now. These fun times are the direct result of purging our spirit worlds.

Once a spirit world is purged (i.e. pulled) away from a human body, automatic positive changes happen. The good news is that purging spirits via Universe Family Healing is a permanent process. There is no reoccurring spirit world time. Once purged, the spirit world is gone forever! It can never return. Our Universe swallows it up and moves it far away from our planet Earth.

It’s always the right time to purge your spirit world. My healing is so powerful now. All types of medical issues simply disappear. Mental health problems are automatically purged. Relationships, marriages etc. are saved! In fact, once we purge away our spirit worlds, we are automatically reunited with our Universe Mates.

Alright, so I know there’s a lot of problems right now on our planet. Make them go away with a Universe connection. It’s so easy to get this done.

All I Want To Do Is Be Outside In The Sun

Originally Published on December 4, 2020

In Yuma, AZ the sun is here in December. I feel a pulling towards it. A December sun is very powerful for me. I hear the spirits saying all kinds of things. They are always surprised when they are moving. Spirits are used to being stuck in a set up around human bodies. When they arrive here with me, it means they are out of their usual environment and merging with the Universe. It is especially important for me to be in a warm climate at the end of a year.

My purging with the sun in December totally ends a lot of negative spirit setups trying to play out. Spiritual Time is over. The end of our calendar year and into the new year used to be very negative for me but not anymore. I have a zero gravity lounge chair and I use it daily. In fact, this is a normal activity now. It was very difficult over the past 5 years to actually lay down outside! Not anymore.

I have a sun connection. I lay down outside. I purge the spirit worlds. It’s my job. The current flows through my hands and feet. It feels gritty. It is moving fast. Amazing.

I have full control of this now. I am home, living in my homeland where the climate is just right for me. I have the sun. I work together with the sun and our Universe. I have no coworkers or bosses. It’s just me being me. Wonderful!

I am a Universe Family Healer. I remove spirit worlds from human bodies. That is my healing specialty. I feel I am the most powerful Healer alive today. My healing can make the impossible easy.

Expect changes. A spirit world is a huge parasite which is covering up the real you. Changes are normal. Spirits are no longer controlling your thoughts and actions. Spirits are not making your life miserable anymore. You have full control and become 100% human. Universe Family Healing connects your spirit world to our Universe and away it goes forever.

The sun in December is so important. I am outside enjoying it every single day now. That’s where I am. Doing my job. Purging one spirit world at a time.

Today I Found My Sun Again

Originally Published October 25, 2021

Wow, I have been living inside so much this year. It was what I needed for sure, but all of a sudden I was craving my sun. I always talk about the importance of getting my sun dose everyday. It is so important for me as Universe Family Healer. And here in my homeland, the sun shines almost everyday. I need sun doses daily to keep myself “charged up”. It works quickly now and did so today. Anything that was still negative around me I instantly remove and it is gone. I simply have no patience now for the negative people who tried to control me in the past. I have no patience for any negative people really. I simply leave and no attention is ever given their way.Actually this is how real humans should live. Our Universe and (that means our sun) helps us stay away from the very negative, highly spiritual people who live on our planet. I know that instantly and I make sure that any connection is abruptly severed permanently with those nasty negative people. There are so many good people on this planet who just need a little help with their healing. Those are the people I interact with. I leave the negatives far behind in their own little spirit worlds and soon they will be all gone.

The spirit worlds of highly spiritual people are very large and it takes time for all of it to be gone, but be assured, it will happen. All that lies at the end of their spirit world is their death. Well, they are too highly spiritual and negative to be real. That is the truth. I have lived through many instances of this with highly spiritual people and this is the only conclusion I have seen. Some people on our planet do not really heal. They are just being purged by our Universe. They will not be missed when they are gone.

November Sun Doses Are Very Powerful

Originally Published on November 11, 2021

I continue to go out in the sun daily. I spent most of this year inside my little place. I have been recuperating from the previous year when I spent much of my time outside. It was very much needed to stay in but now I am outside releasing my spirit load in full view of the sun. I am laying down on my zero gravity lounge chair. This activity is important right now as I blast out the remaining remnants of this year’s spirit worlds. I am fully confident and safe. I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. There are no toxic situations for me. I simply go outside and lay out facing the sun and let it all go.

Many people are afraid to do this sun activity. I understand that. I am also understanding how important it is for me as Healer. I have a super ability to connect with our Universe through our sun. I am not fearful of the sun at all. The magnetic forces of our Universe gladly pull all of the spirit load away from my body. Perhaps this is why things everywhere are gradually getting so much better.

I see people from China viewing my blog frequently. I am happy that they found me on the Internet. I see things improving between China and the US. I hope I have had some positive impact here. Most certainly, I have made some changes happening as a result of my healing modality. This is one example of how things are improving in the right direction on our planet.

I continue sun purging daily now. I am outside for about 30 minutes doing this. I feel so good that I still have this amazing sun connection after all these years. I made a post once entitled “Feeding the Sun Lightens the Load”. Well, it sure is true. I encourage people everywhere to go out into the sun this month to lighten their spirit load. It is a real, amazing phenomenon and not harmful at all.

Fear is from the spirit world living on the human body. Spirits cause this fear because they know the sun will harm them. UV light is deadly for spirits. Humans are not harmed, only the spirit worlds. This is important to understand. A mild sun dose daily at year’s end is something everyone should be doing right now.

I am again enjoying the free benefits of sun purging outside into our Universe. There is nothing stopping us now. Humans are taking control of planet Earth and sun purging in November helps us do this, one person at a time. I live in Yuma, the sunniest place on the planet. I am here because I followed the sun back to my hometown. Yuma is my homeland and I will always be here doing my part to heal planet Earth.

“According to the World Meteorological Society, Yuma receives more than 4,000 sunlight hours per year, the most of any city in the world. This puts it just ahead of its neighbor Phoenix (3,872 sunlight hours a year) and Aswan, Egypt (3,863 hours a year). Chances of finding the sun shining when you get there? 90%.”

Excerpted from Smithsonian Magazine:

It’s Time to “Sunset” All of The Setups

Originally Published on December 11, 2021

I am going with the flow trying to make this as real as possible for me and my family. I made the Sonoma Sunset Shawl as my middle son was starting to exit Sonoma County. And now for the very same reason, I am finally purchasing the beautiful Caron SImply Soft Sunset Yarn that is hard to find these days. So I search on Ebay and Etsy and Ravelry and gather up the precious skeins in the Sunset colorway. I now know that somehow my crochet habits have been made into a spirit setup and these Sunset shawls, previously delayed, are finally happening.

So far, I have created a shawl with colorway Sunset Autumn and Sonoma Stripes and now I am making the Caron Paints Sunset Shawl. I actually had made one already but had to unfortunately give it away when I moved back to Yuma. I have been remaking my Healer Wrap collection. I am finally making all of my beautiful Sunset Shawls. I have found 2 more colorways to add to my collection: Bernat Satin Sunset and Red Heart Dreamy Stripes Sunset. Fun!

I see the results of this too. My family members know their setup time is ending and I am demonstrating it in a unique way. I know that I will see them all soon. I miss all of them so much. I know we had to be apart for many years to purge out this spirit world we all shared. We did it successfully. It is over and done. Sunsetting means literally to discontinue or terminate. We have terminated our spirit world forever.

I had to blog about this time as it is happening right now. Everyday there is something else which shows all of us this is real and happening the right way. Our spirit world is definitely purged and will never be here on our planet again. We are the First Family to purge out our spirit world into our Universe. We did this to preserve life on our planet. Never again will spirit worlds control humans. The Spiritual Age is just a part of human history now. Welcome to Universe Time!

Red Heart Stripes yarn in colorway Sonoma Stripe (colorway discontinued)
Caron Simply Soft Paints in colorway Sunset Autumn
Caron Simply Soft Paints in colorway Sunset (colorway discontinued)


Red Heart Roll With It Yarn in colorway Sunset
Bernat Satin in Colorway Sunset (colorway discontinued)
Red Heart Dreamy Stripes in Colorway Sunset
Red Heart Sonoma Sunset Shawl
Caron SImply Soft Pumpkin Shawl with Sunset Autumn Trim
Caron SImply Soft Paints Sunset Shawl
Red Heart Roll With It Sunset Shawl

Bernat Satin Sunset Shawl

Red Heart Dreamy Sunset Shawl: Completed January 20, 2022

I Have Finished My Sunset Shawls

Originally Published on January 20, 2022

I made a post about this on December 11, 2021 and I am finally done crocheting my Sunset shawls. It was fun though and I posted the last picture today. I enjoyed this little setup so much that I had to make more than one. I guess it really did something good. The spirit worlds like to setup a person’s activities. Well I like to purge spirit worlds. So, I have taken control of that whole thing. This year’s setups are quickly purging for this year and forever now.

I am out in the sun daily and getting my suntan once again. I love it. I can feel how this is removing the spirit mess on my body. My right heel is painful. So is my left ring finger. This sun purging is making these parts of my body purge quickly. I can do this every single day.

It used to be so hard to get in the sun at this time of year but not anymore. I am out there for about an hour. What a fun thing to do in the middle of winter. Here in Yuma I can do this in the winter time. Of course here our winters are extremely short. Spirit worlds cannot survive in sunny locations. Yuma is the perfect place for me and is my sanctuary. I can do exactly what I am supposed to be doing without any delay.

Other than that life is really easy right now. I can feel lots of change happening with my family members everywhere. I am laying down and purging out the rest of the spirit worlds around my family. I am hoping this is the final year for my family and that we will soon be reuniting. I do this because it is my job as Healer. I am the one who can do this so I do it. It is going very well.

As always I am available to provide individual Universe Family Healing Sessions. I am always willing and able to help other humans on our planet connect their spirit worlds to our Universe. I am super powerful now. Expect change when we interact. Your life will never be the same again.

Get connected to our Universe’s magnet current. You will live a real life and be free of spirituality.