I’m Open For Business

Today I’m really feeling it. I finally made it to this time. I’m stable and safe with a comfortable retirement income. Now, I can really do this the right way. I am providing telephone healing sessions. I’m not using cell phones for this either. I have a wired landline phone which is sturdy and so connections are never lost.

I know that cell phones will someday not work very well. I still have mine but I can’t rely on it now or in the future. My healing sessions are too important to have a disrupted cell phone connection. My healing sessions do not depend on cell phone technology.

I encourage you to read through my blog thoroughly before contacting me. My blog is quite interesting and many questions can be answered just by reading a few pages. You will know automatically that I am the real deal and well worth the price of a healing session. I am unique and no one else can do what I do.

I’m ready to serve the people on planet Earth. All humans should have a permanent Universe connection. I am the one who can get this done for you. I am very specialized in this healing modality. It’s so much fun for me these days to get this all going the right way.

My business is open and always will be. Universe Family Healing is here forever.

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Julia Angel