Fantasy and Dreams are Purging Now; Reality is Opening Right Up

So, by mid March and even a bit later all of the remaining spirit setups that were planned for this year will be merged with our Universe’s magnetic current. Spirit setups are really just a spirit world that has lived as a parasite on a human body. My family and I are the first human beings ever to totally remove this infestation.

Think of it like a head lice or bed bug problem. Both are equally unwanted and a total nuisance. Spirit worlds are even worse that those things. That’s because humans remained largely unaware of their existence for many years. Nothing was ever done to stop the proliferation of spirit worlds here on our planet. Spirit worlds were free to expand and created world wide networks of spirit setups. Many of these were war games and so wars were common in the ancient times. Now, war is being totally purged from Earth. So be it. After all, it’s about time that the dark ages are purged away forever.

Typically the first 2 1/2 months of every year have been setup and highly negative. As year after year goes by, the spirit mass is decreased quite a bit and someday will be totally eradicated. These spirit connections can only exist if their environment is left undisturbed. Spirit worlds have no way of fighting back or recreating themselves. All they do is continuously leave our planet, once a real Universe connection has been established. I am the human who has the amazing ability and super powerful connection with our Universe. I was the one to get this going.

Currently all members of my family are quietly finishing up their final round of healing. I know this is true because I have done everything I needed to do! My siblings are all doing fine. We are doing just fine here! I am amazed at how quietly this happened. There was no drama or anything. We all just knew we were related. How cool!

Moving into mid March, I feel it is going to be more fun than ever. We will be united sometime this year. I am sure of that. I am sure that I will be seeing my real parents soon. I am sure that as all four of us siblings come back together this will happen. It seems that this is the only way it can happen. And it is the first time for this to happen in reality. And reality is coming right up.