Universe Family Healing is Unique, Powerful, and Totally Real

I provide a valuable Health and Wellness service. It is called Universe Family Healing. My healing modality is unique and very powerful. I am discussing it here today because I am still here going strong and not fading away like all the other healing services are these days. I am real because I have a powerful Universe connection.

I am not a spiritual healer. I have a Universe connection which puts me at the top of the healing profession. I am very professional as I have an MSN degree and a professional background as an advanced practice nurse, a Parent Child Clinical Nurse Specialist. However, my healing ability is way beyond that profession as my abilities are totally natural. I did not use my education to become a powerful Universe Family Healer. I was born with my healing technique.

I also have a very strong knowing ability which is so accurate and to the point. I am the person, the one and only Healer to go to for all questions and to get your Universe connection. Spiritual healing is not what I do. Spiritual healers are not connected to our Universe. Don’t waste your time or money interacting with spiritual healers or psychics. They are just scams these days. I define scams as Spiritually Created About Money activities. Spiritual healers and psychics are SCAM activities.

My Universe connection is so real. My connection cannot be altered or changed in any way. I am directly connected to our Universe’s magnetic current in our outside atmosphere. We know this as our Geomagnetic Field. I am able to personally remove the spirit worlds located on every human being’s body. This merging allows all spiritual world activity to cease immediately. Positive changes occur for the human. You begin to go with the flow and just know what you need to do. You do not need someone advising you at all.

I am saying it again because it is now March 15 and reality is really taking hold everywhere. The first 2 1/2 months of 2022 are ending today. Now it gets more fun. It really does.

This is the time to get your real connection to our Universe. Don’t waste your time anymore. Get rid of those unhealthy habits forever. Purge your spirit world and see reality. Change your eating habits naturally and watch your weight decrease. The health benefits are so numerous. All addictions just fade away. Aging ceases. Mental illness ends. Autism purges! What can I say. It was all caused by the spirit world parasites living on our bodies. Get rid of it all and live safely!

A healing session with me will also begin the healing process for your entire birth family. Universe Family Healing unites all disrupted birth family members. There were so many of us taken away from our real parents last century. I call this trauma Disrupted Birth Family Trauma (DBFT). This trauma can easily be removed now. My healing modality gently unites us back with our real birth family at the right time. All birth family members heal at the same time. It is a wonderful positive and loving phenomenon.

Our Universe is really turned on right now. I am the right person to do this at the right time because I am real. I am not a scam or fake. I will do exactly what I say I do. You live this wonderful time and see for yourself what it does. We live how humans are supposed to live, free from spirituality.

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universefamilyhealing@gmail.com or universefamilyhealer@gmail.com