July is My Month

Finally made it to July of this year, stable and safe. First time ever. Life is returning to normal for me and my family. All spirit setups are almost completely purged. Living a real life is wonderful. We just know what happens as it happens. Only good times coming up, fun and enjoyable. Spirit worlds are in severe degradation. Nothing else but reality now.

These are my thoughts this July, which I believe is my real birthday month. I am not totally sure but it seems like this is the right time for it. I am still patiently waiting to see my real birth certificate. Someday I will. I just know it if I keep going. I have a stable home once again and living within my means is happening and is real. It’s the only way to live.

I know my means are going to improve; there is nothing but that.This means I am able to do as I am meant to do. I am able to be Healer. I can rest and relax and restore my body to normal condition. I survived a challenging 5 years here in Yuma and those times are done. Now I look forward to my real life with my real birth family around me, and a total collapse of the spirit worlds that tried to end my existence.

I see my family members completing much of their challenging times too. I feel that by years end and into 2022, a total reversal of the spiritual invasion will be seen. I know that Universe Mates are a reality now. Universe couples are powerful and are taking control of our planet. Spiritual couples who used to control everything are breaking apart and are therefore powerless.

I see this happening now and continuing into the next year, the year of the twos. See my post about this and how I describe the Power of the Twos. This is a reality which has never happened before here on our planet. Universe Time allows Universe couples to be in control and therefore all of the right things happen automatically.

July is hot and steamy here in Yuma. It is the perfect place to purge a spirit world. There are no spiritual atmospheres that persist here in Yuma. This is where real Universe Healers live and many people come here to heal. So be it. More and more humans are healing the real way and not just the pretend way. It takes time but is actually speeding up now as less of the spirits are able to stay put. We are removing them as quickly as possible. More help is needed though.

Do you part to help heal our planet, the ONLY living planet anywhere. Make sure you are connected to our Universe. Contact me to get yourself connected. You and your entire family heals. It is real and totally possible now.

NASA will never find any other living planets like Earth. They just waste our hard earned money and should be shut down. That will happen as Universe Time progresses. Let’s do this together as real humans take back our planet. The money NASA spends will come back to real humans so that we can prosper and mend all of the wrongdoings done by those spiritual scientists.

July is my power month. I have always loved summertime wherever I am and here in Yuma summer is the hottest place to be in our country, the good old USA. Goodbye and good riddance spirit worlds. You are all doomed now.