The Brain Magnet Mindset is Purging Quickly Now

I am so tired these days. It’s actually a good thing for me as it means there is a lot of spirit world purging going on and it is from all over the place all coming to me here in Yuma. I call this a negative mindset purge. As I have discussed before we all have this brain magnet surrounding our head. It is a highly spiritual layer which tries and many times successfully does control our minds, thoughts, and decisions. This is why spiritual energy is so dangerous for humans.

I hear the little spirit bubbles burst on the left side of my face constantly. These sound like rice krispies cereal when you pour milk on it- snap crackle pop! It’s that distinct crinkle sound and this is what happens, a bursting wide open and destruction of a spirit world. These little spirit bubbles burst upon reaching me here in Yuma and entering our real atmosphere. This is a hard thing to do and happens rarely but now it is happening frequently so I know it is almost at the end.

I am hearing a lot of this right now and it is the right time for this to be happening, as it is the very end of June. Starting in July there is going to be a totally new way of thinking for many of my family members. This negative mindset has been keeping us apart and involved in the wrong activities in the wrong places. Not anymore! There is nothing the spirits can do when they are purging like this. The spirit worlds are very weak now and can do nothing to try to make me feel bad or scare me. Their setup is so ineffective that I laugh as they quickly purge away. I barely notice they are here.

I had to post about this because it is highly significant for my family during this time to understand what is really going on. We all must know that this is real and powerful and that is finally ending too. Our lives are not going to be controlled by any spiritual setup ever again.

I finally figured out what those little snap crackle pop sounds mean on the left side of my face. I understand now that these are the spirits controlling my family’s minds. I know that it’s hard to get rid of too and takes a long time but that waiting time is ending. I know it is over finally and this means we can all relocate and come back home. And that is the only thing that happens now. Our spirit worlds are dead and they are not ever coming back to our planet again. Our spirit infestation is over.

Contact me to get rid of your spirit infestation. I am the only Universe Family Healer who can connect your spirit world to our Universe. One healing session will heal your entire family. This is a real and powerful time right now, Universe Time. Get yourself connected and get real. Purge that brain magnet completely and start your real life.