Getting Rid Of Evil is My Speciality

I move forward everyday in my homeland stable and safe finally. I am stable with my retirement income, and I am safe as I see the negative people around me getting removed. It is so easy now for me to move forward and do what I am suppose to be doing. I have discovered that I can use my amazing ability to remove a spirit world around a human body and automatically attach it to our Universe’s magnetic current. So, it seems I am unique in this ability. I use it all of the time because the Universe is always here with me. I instantly know what kind of person I’m interacting with and because I grab their spirit world they are quick to be removed from my immediate environment.

Now, I am moving slowly forward as things here where I live become safer every day. I am moving through this living set up and closer and closer to family. This is the first stable set up for me. I am relaxing.

There are no more problems. I see that I have conquered evil in my homeland simply by being here and living here these past 5 1/2 years. Not much else to say except I am successful in what I do. I am having as much fun as I can right now and it gets better all of the time. The rest of the planet goes on with all of the messy problems etc. but I just stay here and purge the spirit worlds and stay out of the way. I am not in the middle of the mess that is going on, just observing it from a safe distance.

I am done with the games from the spirit worlds. I have safely purged all of those set ups away simply by moving forward and living through them. There is nothing like that now. I am not mind-controlled to do anything because I am in total control of the spirit worlds. I control them now. It will always be that way forever.

Our summertime here in Yuma is fast approaching but this time I am inside with air-conditioning! I am not suffering one little bit anymore. I know that things continue to get better and better for me and my family. We are all powerful Universe Healers purging spirits away from the planet. We are doing our part to heal our planet and make our planet younger and healthy. We are here to stay.

The spiritual people will die and since their spirit worlds are purging, we will never be subjected to their evil ways anymore. Planet Earth heals and lives on, smaller and intact, and the evil humans are gone. That is all that happens now that we are living in Universe Time which never ends. Universe people live and stay here to ensure that life always continues on Earth. Animals will not be eaten anymore. Plants will be grown in safe ways. Water is going to be pure and healthy. There is nothing stopping this from happening now because I did my job as Universe Family Healer and was able to blog about it today.