Stable and Safe, Universe Family Healer Moves Forward

I am just documenting once again that I have finally achieved stability here in my homeland and it has not been easy to do this. I lived here in Yuma for the past 5 1/2 years going with the flow, living in multiple environments, working, unemployed, and now completely stable. I have lived outside in the harsh summer weather. I have dodged knives at one location. I have lived around junkyards. It has been a challenge for me to overcome the negative people in every place I was involved in but I did it. I conquered evil over and over in my homeland. As a result much of Yuma, AZ is healing and changing for the good!

I visited the old territorial prison that was never supposed to be here. It is on a site overlooking the Colorado River. I am sure something else should be there instead. Like maybe, a Palace of the Universe? Hey, why not. We need one of those these days. This Palace was supposed to be there but instead some crooked politician back in the 1800s got this prison thing going and that’s why it happened.

Well fast forwarding to now. Yes, I am the first Universe Family Healer to be able to make it back to stability. This is a big deal. Now that I have done this, I am just relaxing and recuperating from the past 5 years here in Yuma. I am living now with air conditioning and remaking my crocheted Healer Wraps, one at a time. I had to donate my entire collection of wraps when I arrived here to Yuma back in 2016 and now that I am stable I am making them once more.

Also, I have my little boy kittys Tawny and Simba to keep me company. They are so sweet and funny. I am sure that soon one day, my peace and quiet here will be over and I will be involved in many other things but for now it is a nice time for me to rest and relax and slow down to practically nothing. I have things sent over to me. I don’t have to go out much at all these days. I am still purging out the spirit world around me that I gathered from my time in CA, USA. This is slowly finishing up (I hope) and then I can really move along with my healing business, Universe Family Healing.

So much is still in front of me but it is all fun because I am STABLE, finally and forever.