Staying Put Is The Right Thing To Do

I was here in my new location for 1 month, and already looking for yet another new place, my own apartment once again. I really went through the motions completely. I thought I would move out of here and even take a kitty along. I was quite ready to do this. The energy for it was all there, then it started to fade away. I thought about this a little more. Do I really want to leave my little neighborhood right now? There is still so much to do here. I felt the pulling back here and so I decided that I must stay at least through the end of this year.

Why did this happen to me? I am trying to reestablish normal living again after this year of constantly moving around. I have lived in 3 different locations over the past year. It’s time to slow down and stay put. I realize I am establishing normal living right here. In other words, I am in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, a very, very Universe thing. I am paying rent on a room here. I am doing the right thing.

I have resumed cooking my meals, taking daily showers, and even going shopping for new clothes! I love that shopping thing the most. My body continues to shrink, which makes shopping for clothes even more fun. I am not doing anything special at all. It’s just that I eat a very healthy diet which means I eat no animals or animal products of any kind. Some may call that vegetarian. I call it animal free. I am not contributing to the loss of animals on our planet. I eat plenty of good food and my weight loss is natural and easy. Universe Family Healing allows this natural weight loss to happen.

I am taking good care of the animals that live in this home. There are several kittys of all ages and a doggie named Daisy. I establish regular feeding with them. I encourage proper chewing by providing rawhide bones. I praise the dog when she does the right thing. It is all working. I take the male tabby Simba into the vet when he has an abscess on his tail. I make sure I take him back soon to have his neutering surgery. He already has fathered 6 kittens! He has earned the right to stay inside during the night time and be free of the bully cat roaming the neighborhood. Basically, I am just helping with whatever needs to be corrected here in this healing home.

That’s why I am still here and it feels so good. I know that everything is going to be fine because I stayed here instead of trying to move into another boring 1 bedroom apartment all by myself. That time is in the past and will not repeat. I will never be living by myself again. I know that’s officially over. And I am happy about that too.

I did what I had to do as always. I am here in the neighborhood staying put and helping a family heal. I know that soon I will be seeing my own family again. I am excited to know that my Universe Mate is still here with me, healing. We are going to be together finally after all of these years. We just move forward together one day to the next during Universe Time. The rest of the planet is still stuck in their spirit worlds but my family and I are not stuck at all. We are the first family to purge out our spirit worlds and we are going to have the most fun a real family could ever have. And it will never stop, ever.

Keep Kitty in at night,

Let the others have the fight.

If he fusses, then just say,

“It’s much safer when its day.”