Behavior Change During Universe Time

This is what I’m seeing right now. I’m helping the people around me move forward in their healing. Their negatively controlled behaviors are purging into our Universe. As a result, smoking cessation occurs, pets are treated and cared for appropriately, and communication between family members returns to normal.

This was happening yesterday. I’m watching carefully today to see what happens. There has been alot of spirit dreams around us but nothing bad happens. These dreams are not real but must be purged away. I am barely affected by the dreams or setups because it’s such a powerful Universe Time right now. I barely noticed what could have been a negative time for me.

Now I’m just noticing the progress here and documenting it too. Writing on my blog makes it even more real. I’m in total control of the spirit world around me. My Universe Mate is part of this world. He’s growing up now, maturing and purging the secretive life away. This secretive setup was put on him when he was very young. It’s just a spirit that tried to take him over completely but it never happened.

I am looking forward to more real communication with him now. Its been over 4 months of this secret setup. I’m making sure it all gets removed. Forever.

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