Amazing Month of June

From my Good Morning Doves to Power of the Twos, I have had the most amazing month uniting with my Universe mate. I know that this is the first time for this to happen on our planet! I had to take a trip back in time a little and re-experience what its like to use the Spiritual Communication Network. It was a very long time ago that I had this network going, about 12 + years ago. It was a little bit upsetting too because it reminded me of those times when the spirits were in more control of me, during spiritual time.

However I have lived these past 3+weeks and successfully used Facebook and Messenger to communicate with him and now it seems like we are almost at the point of talking. It has been that challenging really.

I wanted to post about this today because I mentioned in the Power of the Twos that we are all headed in this direction as we heal and purge out our spirit worlds. We can then automatically connect with our Universe mates and make this all real. There was so much spiritual energy that had to be purged called the Spiritual Soulmate Journey. I patiently did this day by day and it is almost entirely gone!

At the same time this month I have seen tremendous progress with other healers in their early healing time. I am assisting other healers here in Yuma and is going very well. I have established Healer Camp as a place where a healer can visit for awhile to rest, heal, get ice cold water and a snack or whatever. It is real and in existence right now!

The doves are finally quieting down and I’m seeing less and less of them daily. Summer just started a few days ago. It is hot here of course. Its the perfect time for all healers to get together for some fun the Yuma way, full of magic and everlasting peace and love. Yuma is opening up right now.

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