Purging Evil In My Homeland

As June is coming to an end, I am reflecting back on my adventures here in Yuma over the past 4 1/2 years. I was automatically brought here by the Universe. In December 2015, there seemed to be nowhere else to go. I was also interested in finding my birth mother and father and the rest of my real family. I was intent upon this search and felt my healing would do the job for me.

As I went with the flow I realized that I was being placed in many different locations which needed some kind of purging. I was always welcomed and allowed to interact but then there came a time when I had to move along. I got very used to going with the flow and knowing that I was not there for the long term, just until my job there was done. As I moved through these negative locations, I was always releasing the spiritual energy load there and as usual it would begin to fall apart and get toxic around me.

I was always given an opportunity to move forward to the next location. I feel I did meet a family member at a local high school and assisted him with healing. I am not sure if this actually is still happening because I have not seen any new family members as of this date. I continue to wonder why it is taking so very long to gather up my family and have some fun. It is supposed to be happening. I am always saying that my family is right in front of me.

In June I was confronted with a spiritual relationship setup called the Spiritual Soulmate Journey from a long time ago. This has taken a lot of my time here in Yuma to go back those many years and see if there is still an opportunity there for me. I am not sure if it is real though. I have to interact with a spirit world that I thought was already purged. I am waiting for my Universe Mate to help me make this all real. The only way to reality is to totally purge this spirit setup.

At the end of June I am in a backyard camping out. I am wondering what is going to happen now? No other locations have opened up for me. I am not really able to make anything else happen. I am just purging spirits every day and night.

This is where I am after all of this time. I am hoping that I am able to post more good news now as this month is ending. I really can’t say what is going to happen. I only know that I purge spirits. That is a certainty for me. I heal. I never stop purging spirits. No one else did this activity apparently so I am the one who is doing it. I did not volunteer to do it. But I am doing it nevertheless.

There was definite evil in Yuma, AZ. I witnessed it first hand at a workplace and a living place. I was confronted with a violence I never dealt with before, with very evil women, and men who did not back me up. I have survived through that time and I am living among friends now. But I know that I am not going to ever have to be around that evil anymore. It was a threat to my very life here in my homeland. I am happy to say that those who did that to me are only going to have a hard falling down time and they will not be able to survive it.

I am brave and fearless. But I am not one to be around violent evil people. I had to do this one time and I am done. I purged out evil in my homeland and that is all I wanted to talk about today.