I Have My Lounge Chair!

It arrived a few days ago. A friend brought it over. It is just what I need to lay down outside comfortably and purge spirits. What a difference this chair is making. I have waited so long to be able to do this here in Yuma.

This means that everything is going my way. What happens now is automatic and always in my favor. I am very pleased that I can lay outside safely and purge. This outside purging is extremely powerful too!

I have made it to this point in my healing. This is good news for me and all of the good people here on planet Earth. The spirits couldn’t stop me. They tried but failed. All that I hear now are the spirit noises outside chanting, “so powerful”, “amazing”, “all done”, and “it is the end”. These chants are audible right here in Yuma, AZ, USA. Anyone can hear them now, but only during the daytime. This chanting seems to be related to birds in some way. The chants are not heard after the sun hoes down.

Yes I am powerful and amazing. I am the only Healer known to purge spirit worlds. I am healing our planet Earth, every single day! Earth Day is everyday for me. Celebrating a one time a year holiday like Earth Day is silly when our planet needs constant daily healing. I am providing that healing.

Universe Family Healing  is my healing modality. I remove/purge spirit worlds around humans and merge them with our Universe’s magnetic current. I am the only Healer who has done this! I provide a real healing service. I am available to help all good people on our planet Earth. Contact me to schedule your Universe Family Healing session.