Purging Spirit Worlds Outside In Yuma, AZ

I have finally reached this day. I am outside in a real comfy lounge chair under the shady mesquite tree purging spirit words. In fact, I am outside most of the day and into the evening. I am spending at least 12 hours a day now doing this. It has taken a very long time to get to this point in my healing. I am at my most powerful healing level right now. I know that what I am doing is changing everything around and making the right things happen automatically. Spirit worlds around humans and animals were causing our planet to be a negative toxic place. This spirit purging is getting rid of that nasty mess.

And it is only happening now because I am spending almost 100% of my awake time outside purging and doing pretty much nothing else. This is my 4th day outside. I am gradually spending more and more time outside. I would sleep outside if it were safe to do so, but it isn’t safe to do that right now. I do as much as I can and it is still working! I still hear the fake bird sounds intermingling with the real ones. The doves are doing their mating calls now. I wonder how much of that is spiritually induced too. As time goes on we will see what is real and what was spiritually enhanced, even in birds.

I am going to be cooking again. A friend is lending me a BBQ and so I am going to make my veggie burgers and smart hotdogs soon. I am letting go of peanut butter for awhile. There is a lot of mesquite around here from the recent tree trimmings that we did. I can use the mesquite as fuel. Yummy! I’ll get some corn too and have some fun.

I have always been stuck inside buildings and other people’s spirit worlds. I am not there now. I am living in this trailer and it feels like camping, but I am not out in the wilderness. I am in a neighborhood with friends closeby. As the temperatures rise again here in Yuma, I am comfortable.

The heat really doesn’t bother me. I don’t like to use air conditioning anyway, but constantly hear the hum of the ACs around me. I am outside, not inside. I am purging in our Universe and this is just where I need to be right now. I am living a very healthy lifestyle and losing a lot of weight that was spiritually controlled. That weight is quickly leaving me now. I am always adjusting my diet and eat only plant based foods. I don’t eat animals or animal products anymore.

I continue to do my job as Universe Family Healer. I purge spirit worlds. That is my job now. No one else can do what I do. I am being the real me after so many long years being someone else. No one can control me anymore. After living a very controlled life around bad people I finally made it back to my homeland and everything is going my way! I hope that soon, all of my family will be back together. I mean my real birth family. I left that fake family who raised me far behind me. I never go back there. I am home.


I offer to you a very specialized form of healing. There is nothing like it anywhere else on planet Earth.