Universe Time Is Healing Planet Earth

Our planet is being challenged right now. The spiritual controls were so intense in some areas but our Universe is actively removing those spiritual controls, so our planet heals. This means that everyday now the most negatively charged places on planet Earth are finally healing! I know there is a pandemic occurring too. This global infection has influenced our lives greatly. We are living differently now.

Our schedules are changed. Our lifestyles are disrupted. All of this allows a huge amount of spiritual energy purging which has never happened before in our history. Universe Time is making this happen. The changes are positive. The changes are necessary. We will have a living and healthy planet. I refer to the place we live as planet Earth. I do not refer to Earth as a world. I leave the worlds to the spirits. We do not live in a world anymore. We live on planet Earth.

As time goes on the spirit worlds diminish completely. Universe Time makes spirit worlds completely disappear. I continue to hear the spirit chants purging outside all of the time. This will continue until the spirits are totally gone. I really don’t know if there is a definite end but I do know that spirits are not making new worlds anymore. Their worlds are disrupted because of the changes in human routines.

This disruption actively removes all spiritual controls over human lives everywhere. I am seeing this happen all over planet Earth. I am happy to see Universe Time so powerful and effective now.

We adjust to a new lifestyle. It’s the right tIme to do this. It’s the right place to do this too. We are all in this together. We are one planet, the one living planet in our Universe. We are alive and this is never going to change, ever.


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