So Many Years Have Passed, Still Doing My Own Thing

I am so safe. I have my own website where I write important things. I am not censored. I have complete freedom now.

I looked back briefly at high school and saw what was happening. Nothing but death statistics there. I am once again leaving high school behind me. It feels so good to be far away from that time.

I am on my own right now. I have to be in order to finish this purging time. It is going quite well. I am caretaking a vintage trailer so it feels like I am camping out for awhile. I know this changes though. I listen to my old songs from high school. I messaged a high school friend but got no response. Oh well, I tried one last time to offer healing there.

Moving forward again. It’s my time. I have been doing this spirit purging for a very long time trying to get back home to family. I made it. Soon I will be surrounded by birth family. Very soon. And it’s because I did my own thing, stayed on my own, and it worked!

I offer help right now. I am available but it is not being accepted. I let it go. It is really my time finally. I live through the days knowing I am almost done.

Universe Time is my creation and gift to planet Earth. There will always be a living planet for humans. That planet is called Earth. The spirit worlds around humans are dying and purging. That makes our planet safe and alive. Universe Time will never fade away. Universe Time is permanent. Universe Time is now!