Universe Family Healing Allows the Right Things to Happen

As I move forward each day, I know that whatever I do is making a tremendous impact on improving human life. Every interaction I engage in creates changes. Whomever I am interacting with benefits from my interaction. It can be face to face or by phone, or even by email, and the results are the same. I heal automatically with the first interaction. I watch as changes occur. It is always the right changes because spiritual energy is automatically being purged. I enjoy to see how the changes affect everyone. I observe and write the results in my blog. I learn from living day to day how my healing is working.

Some of these interactions are spirit setups that I have to live through and some of these interactions are not. More and more interactions are not spirit setups. I like that. I am trying to have more interactions with people around me and with people in other parts of the planet. For example, I am not sure how well my healing performs when I interact with medical conditions. I know that some are easily purged away by my healing but others are not.

I am open to helping anyone with a medical issue but sometimes there has been so much aging and spiritual infestation that all my healing will do is remove a spiritual layer that was actually keeping the person alive. I have seen this before and know what happened. So, I never say that my healing is a cure for all medical conditions. It is best to have a healing session as soon as possible before the spirit worlds are so concentrated and aging is irreversible.

That said, it is important to understand that I do not perform miracles. I remove spiritual energy layers (worlds) that are infiltrating a human body. Those spiritual layers are so damaging to the human body that I know the direct cause of aging are the spirits themselves. Of course we should all be having a Universe Family Healing session ASAP. We should not be allowing those negative spirits which I call parasites to inhabit our human bodies.

Universe Family Healing allows the right changes to happen easily, simply, automatically. Healthy habits are in control again. All of those negative habits like alcohol, drugs, caffeine, and tobacco use simply fade away. Healthy eating is also a part of Universe Family Healing. It is so easy to eat and drink right after you have a Universe Family Healing session. Weight loss is automatic too. So, because all of these negative habits are purged away, you become very healthy, automatically. Those medical problems disappear. Aging is reversed. It is that simple. Yes, it is.

It all starts with a quick email to me. We set up our session time and day. I send you an invoice, you pay and we talk.

Let’s get our planet and people totally healthy with Universe Family Healing.

$50.00 for one session- PayPal invoice.