Healing Our Planet, Universe Time Does That

We are all experiencing a major change these days. Universe Time is taking control all over our planet. We cannot stop it from happening. The way this is working is showing us exactly how the Universe gets rid of negative stuck setups that were in control of planet Earth. Amazing to watch how this is unfolding, but I have a feeling that as a result of a powerful Universe Time, life on planet Earth is going to get so much better.

Universe Time is definitely in control of the spiritual worlds around humans. I had a very large spiritual world around me and that is fading out all of the time. Now I am witnessing how Universe Time is working at a much larger level. Yes, there’s a virus problem right now affecting our planet. There are so many people involved here. As everyone is being sent back home, the spiritual worlds around them are severely damaged.

Spirits rely on being constantly interactive with other spirit worlds. When that is not happening, the spirit worlds fall apart and cannot continue. Wonderful news! So many spirit worlds everywhere on planet Earth are disintegrating. See what I mean? It took a virus catastrophe to get this done.

The changes continue. Only the right things will be happening now.  As we move forward one day at a time, we know that our world is finally healing and purging the evil that has existed for a very long time. The dark ages had been here evolving and continuing to make a negative environment normal. That is over. The negative environment on planet Earth is purging quickly into our Universe. Spirits cannot live without a human host and their humans hosts are all separating and going back home. Therefore the spirits cannot survive here on our planet anymore. We’re disrupting their negative environment every single day simply by going home and staying put.

Thank goodness this is happening.