This is Finally Happening- My Income Has Returned!

It has taken me four years to get to this point. I lived through four years of spiritual setups here in Yuma to finally be just me. I no longer have to work in the medical or educational professions. Those are not the right place for me at all. I am just being me now, Healer. That is all I am doing. I am healing so many people now and getting paid for it, finally!

I have patiently waited and lived through it all. Of course I was going with the flow and it worked. But I had to wait and I did. I know that my healing services are now being seen as valuable and unique. I can relax and enjoy the rest of this month because everything is going my way. It is truly remarkable how much the spiritual world that was living on me controlled my natural abilities.

Now, I am totally controlling the spiritual world and so all of those highly spiritual people who use their spiritual worlds as income, like psychics, astrologers, numerologists, etc. will not be able to continue. I just had to delete a follower who is highly spiritual and into numerology. Why would someone that negative want to follow my blog anyway? That’s pretty stupid. So goodbye to that spiritual world that he has been carrying around. My healing is the perfect remedy for any spiritual world, no matter who is using it for income.

Spiritual people can not control me at all. They will interact for a little while and then they are gone. It is that simple. And really there is nothing they can do about it. How can they say that she did something to them by healing? No one is going to care what they say. It is wonderful what I can do now with those negative people. Silently and without any drama they are removed and left in the past where they belong.

I always felt that if I waited long enough, my time would come to me. I had to be in the right place at the right time and with the right people for this to happen. And it happened. And that is the Universe way.

Back to my little neighborhood, I just got very good news that a father related to me how good his disabled daughter felt after my visit with her yesterday. This was the visit I have been waiting for and again it happened at the right time, etc. I will be visiting her again today and purge that little home more and more. He said his whole family felt the change, like somehow there was a spraying of cleanliness everywhere. It felt peaceful too. That was the feedback from him I wanted. I knew I could help this family heal. I just had to wait patiently for the right time.

I am helping others in the little neighborhood heal too. It is opening up for me and I know I will become very busy again earning an income and doing what I love to do, heal. I am warning those highly spiritual, negative people not to follow my blog because it will not make good things happen for them at all. They will simply be purged out and fall down. That is the truth but of course they may all have to learn the hard way.

Nothing is stopping me here in my homeland. I am healing my neighborhood and families and this means that soon my own birth family and children will be back together with me. This is happening all of the time but especially right now as I am so very powerful.

I can help you heal and get connected to our Universe even if you are not here in Yuma too. Just email me for a phone session: It really works! I provide real healing which means I remove spiritual worlds around humans. I am not a spiritual healer. Forget about that. I get rid of the spirits. Spiritual healers do nothing but gather spirits up around themselves and keep spiritual words intact. One day soon all spiritual healers will be extinct as a result of Universe Family Healing.

My healing puts spirits back into our Universe and far away from humans. Spirits are absorbed into the Universe’s magnetic current which helps to keep our Universe safe and healthy. But on planet Earth spirits only cause human death. So, we all need to get rid of the spirit worlds on our planet!

Hopefully more people will read my words and become knowledgeable about this information. It is really easy to understand. Spirits are not from our planet. They are not good for humans at all. They can be purged and merged away from us now. Universe Family Healing is the way this happens.

Contact me via email:

Sessions are only $25.00 in February.



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