Current Status: My Outside Time- 35 Days

I am living through it, and never thought I would have to do this sort of thing but I am being successful and maintaining myself in a safe and healthy manner. I know this is only a temporary time for me. It is OK really. I am outside in the beautiful sunshine most of the day and at night I sleep in a safe and secure location. I am on good terms with the neighbors in the neighborhood where I am staying right now. Everyone says good morning and smiles. That is a very good thing. There is nothing wrong here at all.

Yet, I am also wondering as always, when will this time end? I have been going with the flow for a very long time now. Hoping soon to seen a family member, a missing son for example. I have not seen or heard from my oldest son, who is now 33 years old, in over 3 years. That is a very long time.  I am ready for that time to be over. I am so ready for that time to end. Everyday, I am purging out the separation between and my 3 sons. There is quite a bit of it and it is always going outside and merging into our Universe.

My healing modality, Universe Family Healing is very unique. I try to explain it to people around here. Even my sons are not understanding it very well. What I do is simple really. I am purging spiritual worlds around humans. Purging means the spirits are being disconnected from a human body and connected to our Universe’s magnetic current.This is a first for our planet Earth.

It seems that spirits have always lived on a human body. Spirits are ugly alien parasites that have no body of their own. They latch onto humans and build their own negative words. They make human sleep time their playground by creating spiritual dreams. They latch onto other human’ spiritual worlds and grow into a bigger spiritual world. This is what was happening over the ages. So being spiritual is not a good thing at all. Having a soul is very dangerous too. All of those spiritual things are purged away with Universe Family Healing.

I am still relatively unknown. Our planet and its inhabitants remain highly spiritual and negative. But there are a few people who are aware of what I do and those numbers are growing. That is the good thing. I am here on the internet just like all of the spiritual healers and psychics. I am here too. I am not a spiritual healer. My healing purges spiritual healers. That is the difference. I have seen this in action. I know what I can do.

Spiritual healers are those people who use reiki and therapeutic touch to heal people. They do not purge and merge spiritual energy and spiritual worlds. They tend to  keep the whole mess intact. Their healing is not real healing. I have the powerful ability to purge spiritual entities into our Universe. I will always have that ability now. It took so long to get back home and be the real me. But I have succeeded. I know there a was a lot of negative forces to overcome but I have done that. I am home and I am safe.

And that is what I wanted to say today, my 35th day outside here in Yuma, AZ, USA. I am still moving forward and going with the flow. I know what I must do each day and I am never wrong about that. I am patiently waiting for my family to reappear. That is all I can think about really.