This Is All Going My Way

I just had to make a post today to mark that everything is going my way. It really is. I can predict what will happen and see it happening daily right before my eyes. This must be the real beginning of the fun part. No mistakes, no problems, just powerful knowing and doing the right things. Today started off like that.

I feel so sleepy today because it is that kind of day for me. I am moving slowly today. I am purging tremendous amounts of spiritual energies which are all going out to the big magnet in the sky, our Universe’s magnetic current.

This time I am living through is already over really. I have to live each day though. I know it is just fine. I am not doing anything wrong and cannot be stopped. I am that powerful now. I rest, eat, and purge. I blog. I enjoy this time because it is almost finally over! The total end of my spiritual world is happening right now.

I am blogging about it today because I can see its demise. I still powerfully purge and move forward. I help others around me too with their healing. They are all in very early healing. I see the challenges they face. I understand what they are going through. I remember that time in my past. It is far in the past for me. I am never going back to early healing. But I know what its like. I had to live through that time to be here today. There are no shortcuts with my healing.

Today, October 18, Friday, 2019. I am relaxing and know that everyday is better for me. I can breathe and relax and understand all of this. I move forward easily. Everything is going my way.