October 15 2019 is in The Past Now

I lived through that day, yesterday, not really understanding the significance of it at first. Later in the day, I felt a tremendous purging throughout my body and immediately understood what was happening. It was October 15, 2019, and I was still here living in a safe place, not stuck out on a road somewhere. I successfully lived through all of those bad times and the spirits who have lived around me have failed, ofcourse! They could not make me homeless! I instead made them homeless through my automatic purging. I am so powerful and strong. I cannot be stopped. I made spirits homeless as they purged and merged with our Universe.

I know this was important because I confirmed it with others around me. I sat outside in the evening and purged toward the full moon. I sat there for quite awhile and the purging was so intense I know it was helping us all move forward. The fun times are right now. I am making sure we enjoy the fun times. The spiritual world that controlled me is gone. It cannot return to me and try to do anything. It is totally defeated here. It is helpless and weak as it is pulled away to the Universe’s magnetic current and consumed entirely.

So, I had to post about October 15, 2019, because it was the spiritual world’s last chance to do me in and it could not succeed. I triumphed once again because I am living in a safe place with good people. I am looking forward to fun times and family reunions for all. That is all that happens now. Too bad spirits as you are not going to win ever again no matter where you are. You are all doomed. I am here to stay and I will always be here to purge any spiritual worlds from humans that remain. My healing power is unstoppable.

Healers everywhere are making their spiritual worlds homeless. This allows our planet Earth and Universe to heal and grow young. We grow young too as we shed the negative layers of spirituality. We live and spirits die, and as a result life continues. The rest of this year will be filled with fun and enjoyment! And it is all because I lived through October 15, 2019 and keep moving forward with no problems at all. I know what I must do everyday and it is easy to make the right things happen.